erotic identity archetype:


Sarah Marie Liddle

Traditional archetype traits: Victim/ Warrior 
Greek word for loving others: Storage.
Shadow Elements: Judgement. 
Worldly element: Physical. 
Love within her heart: Empathy.
Her healing potential is in: Healing. 
Her potential is to become: Transcend current situation
She must learn to: Forgive.
Her physical element: Mind. 
Essential oil best suited to her: Tiger Balm and Ylang-ylang.

The House Of Healing

The Woman is where most people stand within the Archetypes, they have done some work, and cleared the way for the Woman to emerge. While the Woman is often seen as a mother figure, this is not always the case. She does have tendencies to care and nurture, however there are also some deeper elements to this archetype which drive her forward. The Woman is largely driven by timeframes, tangibles, and keeping a certain order - whether that be in her home, with her children, in her career, or with relationships. She is very driven to get things done, but often this drive isn’t easily switched off. Whereas the Dark Girl was into appearance, the Woman may want to keep a certain appearance up she doesn’t necessarily derive a lot of value from her looks and so often times she forgets to wash her face, put makeup on, iron her clothes or shave her legs. 

You’ll often hear the Woman talk about embodying a different life, particularly toward the end, as she is beginning to wake up to not just her power but her individual truth and womanhood. It is around the end of the Woman archetype that one begins to work on loving her feminine landscape, being a mother, her feminine beauty and traits. Whereas when she began the journey as the woman archetype her hair may have been short, it is now, at the end of the cycle of the woman archetype beginning to grow out. This signifies a very important change in the woman, she is now coming to see herself and her truth. While she may not yet be waking up to it fully, her eyes are wide open and are ready to be flooded with the new. 

When woman are in the home of healing, the last thing they want to do is heal. There is too much to do, to see, and to be. The woman may act out her need to stay busy to shield herself from some traits and shadow aspects. She may seek to control her situation, family, business, employees or immediate situation as she tries to escape previous wounding. Often this wounding has to do with abandonment, and also worthiness, deep within those wounds she may continually feel betrayed, and thus have to oversee everything to ensure she doesn’t get hurt, as well, she may seek to express her anger not freely but instead in a passive aggressive manner. This happens when her anger builds up, and almost unconsciously she brings it out, and thus that anger perpetuates that cycle of abandonment and worthiness, where people then move away from her, and she feels conflicted in herself. For these reasons even though she works hard, and builds things up with her hands, she often loses things and people. 


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