The Woman is where most people stand within the Archetypes, they have done some work, and cleared the way for the Woman to emerge. While the Woman is often seen as a mother figure, this is not always the case. She does have tendencies to care and nurture, however there are also some deeper elements to this archetype which drive her forward. The Woman is largely driven by timeframes, tangibles, and keeping a certain order - whether that be in her home, with her children, in her career, or with relationships. She is very driven to get things done, but often this drive isn’t easily switched off. Whereas the Dark Girl was into appearance, the Woman may want to keep a certain appearance up she doesn’t necessarily derive a lot of value from her looks and so often times she forgets to wash her face, put makeup on, iron her clothes or shave her legs. 

You’ll often hear the Woman talk about embodying a different life, particularly toward the end, as she is beginning to wake up to not just her power but her individual truth and womanhood. It is around the end of the Woman archetype cycle that one begins to work on loving her feminine landscape, being a mother, her feminine beauty and traits. 

the woman

there is no arrival with love or life - you have time