Why You Need A Pleasure List Today

Pleasure is something I teach and practise in my own life. It is not just the energy of sexual pleasure that I teach and share but also invoking pleasure in all areas of our life. When our life is enjoyable in the present, that is when we are happiest and magnetic – attracting even more of the things we want to us.

A pleasure list is an invitation back to your truth at any moment and any time of the day.

A Pleasure List is an invitation back to your truth at any moment and any time of the day.

The idea of pleasure at any moment may seem far-fetched but it is absolutely possible. It is grounded in who you are now, what resources you have and it can work in any environment or situation.

When you step into your Pleasure List daily and start to find yourself in this space you will always have enough energy, radiance and expression to give to your lovers, clients and most importantly yourself!

So what exactly is a Pleasure List:

I coined the term “Pleasure List”, firstly as something that I needed in my own life, with time I also found others needed it too. Basically, a pleasure list is a list of all the activities that make you feel happy, centred, and connected with pleasure.

What a Pleasure List is not:

A Pleasure List is not the ideals of things we one day hope to acquire, do or have. It is not about buying items or being someone other than we are.

With that said, how do we design our Pleasure List?

Firstly, go back to a time that you were happiest – the more recent the better. Think about the environment you were in at that time. What were the colours, scents, smells, objects, items that surrounded you? What were you doing in the moment? What made it so special for you? Think deeply, and explore this question many times so that you go back into your memory to emerge with many different activities and sensory items that made you feel amazing.

Now, it’s time to write your list.

Based on that memory exercise above you may have had several ideas emerge, let’s say they are the following: Practising yoga. Eating a delicious healthy meal with lots of flavours and textures. Praying. Drinking a beautiful smoothie. Spending time in nature, meditating and sitting amongst trees.

What we have just done is form the basis of your pleasure list. You can flesh this out more by going back into your memory and exploring those most recent activities that gave your pleasure.

Why use a Pleasure List?

When you’re having a rough day, or your energy is low, you can take a look at your Pleasure List and choose one thing that will pick you up. It’s an excellent resource to have especially when you are stressed and don’t feel like thinking but want to break out of the stress-mode you may be in. I keep dot points of my Pleasure List on my phone so I have it handy all of the time.

Here’s a look at my Pleasure List:


Share your Pleasure List

I would love to see your Pleasure List, share your list with me on Instagram by taking a screenshot or photo and tagging me @sarahmarieliddle



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Why You Need A Pleasure List Today

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