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When Goddess Kali Enters Your Realm

The chaos that emerged began late 2017 and came forward when Goddess Kali entered my life, changing it to such a degree I could never have imagined.

In 2018 I went to therapy, hired a coach, healed my body after breast implant illness, released and forgave toxic friends and said goodbye to unsuitable clients. Despite not being welcome initially, Kali entering my life was one of the most significant events that allowed me to step into my feminine in a way that I could not have done so alone. With Kali came trust, surrender, love and faith.

Whether you invite the lessons of Kali or your souls contract calls for it, navigating through fear, galactic winds and bringing up the bones of the past takes a true fierceness and high level of consciousness to heal, and then integrate the new version of yourself.

Kali is a Hindu-Indian Goddess, she acts as a strong feminine force destroying illusions and attachments which are tied to ones ego.


Kali assists with:

Letting go
Death and


Kali’s energy of change evokes death but also rebirth. This rebirth is a birthing far greater than the ego could ever know or attain. With the energy of Kali comes a limitless love, a divine surrendering, and an unknown inner strength.


Kali’s energy can show up at anytime and often appears without warning.


You may experience:

A significant break-up
An unexpected job loss
An unwanted health problem or
Any other drastic and unwanted change.


Often anxiety follows initially and immediately in such an experience, followed shortly closely by fear. But it is often this crises that lends itself to better ourselves and give birth to our deepest truth.

Kali’s energy can be intense but also magical when you lean into her lessons.


Her lessons can help us to:

Develop a deep unshakeable trust in ourselves
Bring about a strong faith in our purpose and passions
Reveal our toxic patterns
Surrender to the Goddess of Kali and the higher powers that flow from her
Step into our authenticity so we can shine brighter in our career
Become confident and in our relationships with others.


If you find yourself in the temple of Kali, look at this as an important wake-up call. It is something which needs to happen for you to step into your contract with your higher self and purpose.


Here are some questions to ask yourself and reflect on should you find yourself in her realm:

Have I been listening to my heart/ if I haven’t then where could I tune into and follow my heart more?
When have I been completely wild and free?
What would need to happen for me to step into and claim my truth?
What do I give myself permission to sabotage?
What am I resisting and why?
How can I surrender into love in this situation?


Lastly, here is a prayer:


Goddess Kali Prayer


Kali, I surrender to your guidance

and ask that you reunite me with my deepest truth.

Wrap me in your love and shower me with healing.

I am safe in my body and in my life.

I am safe here and now.

I invite you to walk beside me in my rebirth.

I invite you to help me see what I must let go of, and

who I must let go of.

Kali show me the infinite beauty of my strength and

bring me home to my deep soul self.

Show me  ease,

shower me in peace and

illuminate me so I can see who I need to become.




Goddess, Healing




When Goddess Kali Enters Your Realm

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