The Six-Hour Sacred Sex Ceremony

The ancient Greeks knew the benefits of longer sex ceremonies They dedicated temples to gods and goddess and abandoned themselves in orgy’s. The goal was to become one with themselves, lovers and the Gods. The planning and engaging of long sacred sex ceremonies stopped when the Christian era emerged. 

So, what’s the deal with sex that lasts longer than the average of 5.4 minutes?

Aside from the fact that it feels amazing to connect deeply with your partner for six hours…

It will:
Increase one’s libido
Increase desire and sexual gratification
Spiritually connect you with high elements of yourself
Nourishes your partnership and nurtures your sexual lust for each other
Ignites passion
Creates a conscious connection with your lover.

What’s not to love then??

Sexual ceremony enforces the aspect of full body play. You need to learn how to cultivate a fully body experience — mind, body and soul. This type of ceremony transcends the beliefs that many people subscribe to. It becomes a transcendental experience of greater dimensions and pleasure.

It has been said, that how you have sex is how you do life.

Invite more sexual energy, beauty, and play into your life with longer sexual ceremonies that cause your personal limits to change; and allows you to grow in unimaginable and fulfilling ways.

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The Six-Hour Sacred Sex Ceremony

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