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The Lover: Nourishing The Heart Chakra

When I was sick with my breast implant illness I worked deeply on my heart chakra. I did this not just because I was not showing my breasts attention but because I realised about this time how neglected my heart chakra was. 

Located at the centre of the chest the heart chakra supports the cardiac system, lungs, it manages the heart, circulatory, cardiac plexus, thymus, lungs and breasts. 

It also assists with the lymphatic system, hormone production and regulates the immunity. Phew, that’s a mouthful. 

What I found when I was sick and my breasts were neglected was this definite link between the heart chakra and my breasts. You can learn more about my breast implant illness and body shame story on Episode 26 of the Pleasure Rising Podcast.


A Blocked Heart Chakra

An unhealthy heart chakra happens for many reasons, it can occur because we do not give to others or do not give to ourselves. We may not feel or let ourselves feel the full spectrum of our emotions – especially those related to love. It may be not circulating properly because you are dwelling on the past including past negative programming. You may find that you feel emotions especially those related to love but have difficulty expressing or voicing them. I have also found that deeply being stuck in the masculine energies can also cause the heart chakra to slow down and not circulate in a healthy manner.


A Healthy Heart Chakra

A healthy heart chakra is a nurtured chakra. This means we are both in a healthy space but also in a space where we continually work on our heart. To be in the space of the heart chakra is to be in the space of a lover. When you are with a lover you feel fully supported, nurtured, open, giving, forgiving and loving. This is what it means to be in the space of a healthy heart chakra, it is the space of the lover.


When to be concerned 

When we are not in our lover space, and thus not nurtured or nourished in our heart chakra we are likely:

In a space of jealousy.

Creating false judgment on ourselves or on another person.

Not forgiving and stubborn to see another person’s point of view.

Holding resentment. 

Seeking to punish someone.

Being forceful, and including ‘all or nothing’ statements.

Informing ourselves or our partner that ‘we should’ do something instead of ‘could’.


An exercise to understand if your heart chakra is blocked

Using a pendulum (like the rose quartz one in the self-love kit) place it above your chest: if the pendulum moves from side to side your heart chakra is not circulating properly aka blocked. If it goes in a circular movement it is open. 


Tip to help open your heart chakra:

To open ourselves up to our inner lover, and heart chakra I recommend performing a breast massage, which nourishes ourself and also our inner child. Performing this with a rose quartz crystal breast massager can assist greatly in bringing that loving energy forward. 


Repeating the following affirmation daily can also help “I am loving and loved.”


The primary colour of the heart chakra is green (and the secondary pink) – from pale to dark green. Surrounding yourself with the colour green can act as a reminder to both your brain and your heart to come back to love. I personally love buying fabric from the fabric store and have purchased a beautiful velvet green piece of cloth which is 2 metres long. I have it placed in a very prominent place, like on the table as a table cloth when I am in this space of healing my inner lover – my heart chakra. 


Favourite products

Here’s some of my favourite products for opening up, nurturing and nourishing the heart chakra 




Yoni Pleasure Palace – SELF LOVE KIT (under pleasure wands)


Practise patience and nurture the parts of you that you have silenced. The heart chakra is a great guide ad when it is continually nourished it can bring deeper connection and energy into your relationships. 

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The Lover: Nourishing The Heart Chakra

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