The Girl Next Door (Novel Excerpt)

Chapter 31

When I got to work at 2:00pm all of my friends were sitting around eating chips. 

“Well, well well, look who decides to drop her pretty little arse in.” Rhiannon looked up and smiled. 

We had a group hug, and a part of me felt sad that I had missed the fun at the brothel. Working seven days was taking its toll, and I was learning that it was not possible to work that amount of hours in which I was working and not miss out on something or someone.

“Where have you been?” asked Lakisha.

“But more importantly, who have you been with, hmmm. Tex?” laughed Amy. 

“He is spunky.” piped Rhiannon

“No shit he is spunky”. I opened a bag of clothes that he had brought me, that I wanted to show the girls.

“We went shopping. I mean, I was fucking Pretty Woman. He took me shopping and I was Pretty Woman, like he paid. He paid.”

“Yeah we got it.” Said Rhiannon.

“I mean what, that’s crazy” Lakisha said pulling out some Agent Provocateur red g-strings. 

“Oh la la.” Said Amy.

“Well, you know I’ve never even seen this kinda lingerie before.” Rhiannon said “And I probably won’t ever see it again either.” 

The mean girls walked in, I couldn’t hear what they said but I knew that they said something about me.

I decided to put my clothes away and put them under the girls table with all of our things.

“So, tell us all about it.” Amy asked.

I dived into everything that happened with us over the last 24 hours. I watched in amusement as the girls were so interested in every little detail. It was more exciting than bookings.

Then there was a noise on the intercom “Amy, you’re booked with a reg in the red room.”

And then another buzz ‘Alex, you’re booked too, black pansy room love.”

I made my way down into the black pansy room, opening the door the room was dark, there was but one lamp. It was decorated with black wallpaper, and a cherry blossom which circled up it. The floor was black and had leaves on it, pale though maybe they were hard to see because of the light. The bed was centred in the middle of the room and the style was very Victorian. It was draped in black and white lace and materials. 

The man was sitting in the centre of the bed. He had a rough looking face, the type that had seen the world. His jaw was quite defined and his eyes and forehead were all very well proportioned. He was eating a donut and drinking a glass of wine. 

“Eating?” I said. 

“Well I get an appetite just thinking about what I am going to do with you.”

“I’ve never seen you before have I, and I didn’t intro with you?” I asked confused as to how this interesting man had chosen me without seeing me.

“That’s right. I prefer to be discrete.”

“Got it”, I said as I was getting his tool ready and turning the shower on. 

“I won’t be needing a shower.” He said with confidence.

“Well, it’s mandatory. If we are going to have sex you will need to shower.”

“Right, but who said anything about sex.”

I took a step back, I realised that this man was very much in control of the situation instead of me and he had come here with an agenda. 

“Okay, so maybe you don’t want to have sex. What would you like to do?” I said with a calm tone. I hated surprises and just wanted to get on with the show already so I could go back and hang out with my friends. 

“I want to tie you up Alex. Torture you. Teach you something new. Something you don’t know. I haven’t seen you before, but I have heard about you from my friends.”

“Men talk about us girls found in brothels?” I asked

“You’d be surprised at what we talk about.”

“Now lie down.” he said with his pitch increasing. 

I walked over to the bed and lay down.

“Good girl, now spread your arms and your legs.”

“You’re not going to hurt me are you, because I’m not into that. I don’t get paid enough for that.” I said with uncertainty but also curiosity rippling through my spine sending goosebumps down my arms. 

“I promise you I will not hurt you.” 

He then began tying my body up with a fine black rope, “It’s called Shibari,’ he said, ‘it’s Japanese bondage and rope tying.” 

He finished tying me up, the rope wrapped around my breasts, and then around my vagina making a diamond shape in the middle. 

“Okay, I need to fix the back now, roll over, he tied the ropes across up and around meeting and finishing down by my angles. He yanked the rope tying my ankles together and then reaching the rope around to the my arms together. 

I was tied up, completely. My hands were behind me and they wrapped around me with the rope to nearly meet me feet. 

“What do you think?” he looked down at me, smiling. 

I felt liberated but so vulnerable. “I had never experienced anything like this.” I said. 

“Good, that is what I was hoping for.”

“Are we going to have sex or is this what we are doing the whole session?” I asked.

“It’s art Alex, it’s art.” 

“We are not going to have sex, I am going to sit here and admire you for the rest of the session, which is approximately nine minutes by my watch”

And that is exactly what he did. He sat there for 9 minutes admiring me. 

I lay there, looking down at the rope. I was thinking about Rick, admiring the rope and mulling over how this could be replicated with Rick. 

The buzzer went off 

“Alex, time’s up.” said the receptionist.

That night in every booking, all I could think about was Rick. I couldn’t get into the booking, I couldn’t feel the men inside me, I couldn’t feel them in my mouth. All I felt was Rick. All I saw was Rick and all I wanted  was Rick. 

That night I stayed at Ricks house, we made love all night. 


This was an excerpt from my book ‘The Girl Next Door”. If you desire more, you can read the full book here.

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The Girl Next Door (Novel Excerpt)

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