The Five Stages Of Sexual Healing And Empowerment

Struggling to make progress? Learn why you slip back into old patterns, by understanding the inbetween-stages that will assist with your personal healing and empowerment, as a result you will be guided to finally make the progress you’ve been seeking.

People often want to jump, from the Girl archetype, or Dark Girl to the High Priestess of Paradise. But it just doesn’t work like that, it’s really hard to embody your full beauty, strenghth, charisma, and express that if you feel inhibited by stories, by abodanoment wounds, by sexual abuse.

I know because I have had all those things and more, and trued to flourish sexually but couldn’t.

I was weighed down by the weight of the world, but really, I thought it was the weight of the world – the world telling me how i need to be sexually. And just as fashion trends come and go, so do sexual trends come and go.

Do you remember when anal sex was not fashionable? Oh now I am showing my age.

But there was a time where anal sex was for the outgoing crowd, the few and far between.

Now as we expand our knowledge by learning from others on the world wide web, we also expand our sexual appetite, by understanding what others are doing we want to compare and keep up with the Jones. Don’t, stay true to you – do you – for you. That should be your new sexual motto.

Recently I had someone, tell me that I had to leave my partner, my husband, the man I loved and father of my children, because I would never find sexual satisfaction inside a monogamous relationship. I would always be wanting more.

And yes, it’s in my DNA, y personality to always want to improve. But for me, one of my values is family, and in particular creating a strong family bond, with open communication, a lighthearted playfulness, and place that I and others can be ourselves and explore with each other. 

So, no. Coach, friend, colleague, do not tell me to leave my husband and belittle my values.

But there will be people who think they know you better than you know yourself. They don’t. You must dig deep, go within, when making choices. You know what you want sexually. You know the type of pleasure you want to enjoy daily. Yes, it will change as the seasons change but it will rest on firm values. 

Listen and digest the wisdom of others, but also too, learn to always come back to your gut. 

You don’t want to make choices that you will regret down the track. 

So, to make choices we must make them consistent with our values (and in partnerships with both partners values), as well, make choices from our current archetype. 

You cannot go from Dark GIrl to HPP without first doing the steps in between and becoming the type of person who embodies the HPP energy.

I say this because I know. WHen I first started on my sexual healing journey I was the Girl. THe girl. Starting from the home of innocence, I tried to embody the Dark Girl, home of expression. But i had yet to love my body fully, yet to work on my abandonment issues, worthiness issues, yet to work on my lifestyle, my diet and health, my relationship to men. To women and to my sexuality. 

There are five stages – those stages are Girl, Dark Girl, Woman, Dark Woman, And HPP on the sexual healing journey, stages that people don’t talk about. Stages that exist none the less. 

This is what my new book is all about. It’s called “She Flourishes” Reclaim your gifts of love and pleasure to flourish fully and freely. 

So, to fully flourish takes time, patience, a deep innner knowing. WHen we walk through the archetypes we get to the High Priestess. She knows, God she knows.

What happens when you stay the course and move through the five stages of healing/ the five archetypes?

You land in the High Priestess of Paradise. 

If you stay the course and you end up in the house of freedom, you should surely feel proud. Humble but proud. A home so few end up enjoying, but it doesn’t mean that they can never. Now you are here you not only have a beautiful sacred duty to yourself to bask in the brilliance of your space, but also to help lift people up into their individual freedom. 

The High Priestess of Paradise is integrated in her being. Connected to her mind, body, and soul, as well, she is connected to other people and a higher power. She feels deeply, but often those feelings do not paralyse her as they would do The Dark Woman, they help her to draw herself and move forward. Using rage as fuel, sorrow as hope, anxiety as a wake up. She holds a willingness to help like never before. At times she may find herself feeling  slightly dismissed, often asking herself if she is doing enough. Which she most always certainly is. 

She shines without effort, even her off days she is still a beacon of light. Now, moves forward into the world which she once stood in, then stepped back from, she brings a fresh new approach to her world. Dynamic and unrestrained, she holds the intensity of being beside a tiger, but the peace of being in the presence of a monk. She is a force of fulfilment in herself, and needs nothing to bring about completion. She has soothed her ailments, enlisted an army to help her, and found a way to breathe a life where the life was dying. Because of this, she brings love, and hope for all. Although her means is by service she is primarily performing the service through her being. When she stops to feel the earth, and connect with her body, which is often, she connects to the deeper parts of herself which fuel her and give her energy. She is a minster of love, and that love penetrates everything and everyone. 

Should her energy feel sluggish, or tired, she remembers and recalls the stories that are debilitating her and calling her to slow down, and slow down she does, to examine what beliefs and stories must be shed. Not only is she shedding the stories now of herself, but she sheds freely the stories of the world.

The High Priestess of Paradise is the final archetype in the five archetypes, and while she is the final she holds the key to all the archetypes. Because of the purity in spirit she brings she can often be confused with the girl archetype, but she holds a great deal difference to her. 

She is totally free, and fierce in her truth, coming from a different paradigm she evokes a higher level of sensual awareness and a precise presence. While she has no agenda she does have underlying emotions that rally her forward, a distinct understanding of her souls blueprint, and a heart that evokes a rapture for every being. She doesn’t align herself with specific goals, but instead acts on feelings, and energy. While at times it may take her some time to say YES, when she does say YES she commits, and brings her full body to her work, her lover, or her decision. Sometimes her connected energy can be mistaken as chemistry from lovers but it is important to note that even though she may freely choose to flirt, it is not at all for attention but because of the energy that it evokes within her. Even if things are not perfect, if she has checked in and centred in our her whole self – mind, body, soul, and has received a deep yes she will move forward despite imperfections and uncertainty that may be involved. 

Often times, she will be seen being creative, intellectual, or outgoing. She is not doing this to achieve but because of the energy, expansion and service that those things often provides. Sometimes that service is for others and at other times she is simply serving herself or a higher power. Even if her art, intellect, and work is not perfect she will gladly share, she realises that her worth is behind her mind and that the energy in which she created or put into the project projects itself into the person and room. For those reasons, she also often keeps her energy high and he body pure. If she is not yet in a place of eating completely healthy and free from the unhealthy products marketed to her, then she will need to master this. She cannot continue to be in the vibration of the High Priestess of Paradise if her diet is low energy causing leaks to pertain through and out her body, energy, and chakras. When she stays in the vibration of the High Priestess her career, money, and relationships all take care of themselves. If she deviates and trys to reap the rewards of the High Priestess whilst spiralling back down through the archetypes her energy will not be enough to sustain the flourishing life that she may be enjoying. At this stage, the High Priestess may try many different things, jumping through the archetypes but not fully understanding why. The reason why is often a person one and involves her finding the strengthen to summon up the parts of her that hold the deepest connections with her creator, the universe, or the infinite. 

The High Priestess of Paradise Online Course

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The Five Stages Of Sexual Healing And Empowerment

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