erotic identity archetype:


Sarah Marie Liddle

Traditional archetype traits: Prostitute/ Lover 
Greek word for loving others: Agape.
Shadow Elements: Seperation. 
Worldly element: Spiritual. 
Love within her heart: Unconditional love.
Her healing potential is in: Expression. 
Her potential is to become: A contribution to a community.  
She must learn to: Surrender.
Her physical element: Soul. 
Essential oil best suited to her: Eucalyptus or mint. 

The House Of Expression

The Dark Woman is the place that so few get to, because it involves work to move up to the Dark Woman, and into the home of expression. Most people get the Dark Woman and Dark Girl confused, however they are quite distinct, but it is understandably so that you would have confusion around the two. The Dark Girl has a different intention to the Dark Woman, so while they may act out similar behaviours the intention behind them are totally different. The Dark Woman is a fond place for many as it represents that free spirit of the Dark Girl, coupled with the strength from the Woman. It is a place to be cherished, a place of love, spiritual awakening, surrendering and space where ones soul can truly emerge and shine. You can recognise the Dark Woman by the way she walks, and holds herself. She keeps her head high, her shoulders back, and her posture upright. She is beautiful, and that’s not because she may be physically beautiful (although she may), she has found herself, her sexuality, her truth and the beauty of her soul. 
She is a force not to be reckoned with, although she doesn’t get into deliberate trouble, her power that flows through her may attract attention from people who think she is putting on a show, being too showy or not being true to herself. However, more often than not, she is not looking for attention but simply to express herself. While she often has the right intention, in that her expression is for herself, her connection to her sexuality and sometimes to something greater than herself, sometimes she may seek validation and slip back into traits of the Dark Girl. 

A client of mine, named Amanda, who had transitioned into the Dark Woman, I knew she was at the next stage of her journey from being in the Woman archetype because all of a sudden she was consumed by art, she said to me that her soul was calling her to create, to bake, to take up painting, to learn photography, and take a sewing class. She told me she was interested in creating beautiful clothes and couldn’t shake this deep desire to sew. She asked me if she should study sewing, and had expressed a desire to put some of her goals on hold. Lastly, what concerned her about her new creative excitement was her need to figure everything out. Everything up to that point showed me that she was in the Dark Woman archetype, but her desire to figure it all out illustrated that there was still an element of the Woman that she was holding onto. I applauded her, as it makes me soul sing to hear when women move up the archetypes. However, we did have a session on allowing her soul to create, and be, instead of defining and dictating the direction of her new energy. We talked about how she could create space to freely explore her creative passion to sew without placing judgment or expectation on it. Amanda, went on to create beautiful clothes as a result of simply allowing herself to be in the energy, and to let it emerge without constrictions.

The Dark Woman is driven, and if she has moved through the archetypes sequentially she is likely to bring all of the best traits of them with her. Should she have rushed the process, or be in a space where she denied aspects of herself to land in the Dark Girl, it is this time that those aspects will emerge and need reconciliation. For most, The Dark Girl is the place that they stop. It’s no surprise given how beautiful and expansive this place is. However there are many gifts that the High Priestess of Paradise Possesses that should would benefit from them greatly. Knowing this, it’s important that the Dark Woman continues on her path, stays humbles, and gathers community around her so that she can share her light and be bathed in the light of others. 

The Dark Woman acts in accordance to her values, the values she established in the woman archetype. Now it’s time to stand in her values, bring them to life. To stop selling herself, and start stepping into her power, go deeper with her relationships. For The Dark Woman she is ultimately in a wonderful place, where she feels this sense of love for herself and others. When she is in the shadow self of her Dark Woman, that love for others manifests as a disconnection and separation from others. Putting together a container that will keep her moving forward in the fullness of The Dark Woman will assist her in transcending those shadow elements. For her, this involves not divulging in the fear, but instead choosing to surrender to her path, gifts, and future. What can help the Dark Woman is to have a strong community around her, a community that will see her through to her High Priestess of Paradise. Being very decisive and discerning with the people that she wants to surround herself with are important, choosing people who are strong, stable, and in a similar place to her will all help. While the Woman archetype found much of her external power in her position, as a mother, wife, boss, business owner, The Dark Woman finds much of her power in the objects and imagery that she surrounds her self with, or yearns to surround herself with. While her objects of adornment and decoration can be a positive portal for her, helping her to keep her vibration high, they can also be a position for the ego to emerge within. 


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