The Dark Woman archetype is the place so few women get to because it involves a lot of inner and outer work to move into the Dark Woman, and into the house of expression. 

The Dark Woman is a fond place for many people as this space represents the free spirit of the Dark Girl, coupled with the strength from the Woman. It is a place to be cherished, a place of love, spiritual awakening, surrender and taking up space. It is the place where one’s soul can truly emerge and shine in the world. You can recognise the Dark Woman by the way she walks and how she holds herself. She keeps her head high, shoulders back and her posture upright. She is beautiful, and that’s not because she may be physically beautiful—although she may—but it is because she has found herself, her sexuality, her truth and the beauty of her soul. As with any of the archetypes age is irrelevant here, a woman who has embraced the Dark Woman archetype who is well into her Crone years can be stunning and very sensual. 

the dark woman

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