Taking Sexy & Sensual Selfies

Being an exhibitionist  made me a better lover & boss.

You’re such a sexual show off- It oozes from you, your sexuality, your comfortable in your body, with your fantasies, and expressing the sexual exhibitionism that’s deeply rooted in your heart and pussy.

Exhibitionism is more than just fu**ing in public. It includes how you hold yourself, the way you walk, clothes you wear, speech and behaviour. You are always exhibiting something, whether you’re exhibiting yourself in an erotic way or not.

You can talk dirty, f**k in public, and take sexy selfies. Exhibitionism is not just something we do, it’s who we become as we step even more into our sensuality and sexuality. 

As I stepped into my true sexual essence, and started being intentionally free with my sexual and sensual preferences not only did the romance with my husband skyrocket (we’ve been together 7 years and have 1 child together), but by being an exhibitionist my creative writing transformed and my business took on a whole new level of attraction bringing new and amazing clients who adored ME for being ME and showing up so brazenly and beautifully in my truth.

For me, sexy selfies was one such way to step into my erotic self and express myself in a way that feels amazing for me and my sexuality.

I love my body so much more from taking selfies, here’s some of my favourite tools for editing selfies: VSCO, Afterlight, Adobe Lightroom.

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Taking Sexy & Sensual Selfies

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