You’re wearing yourself thin. You’ve got a child screaming for you, dishes piled up, emails coming through your phone and you’re busting for a wee. You’re tired of scrolling through endless instagram pictures of beautiful people relaxing by the beach in some exotic destination without a care in the world. 

How is feeling sexually empowered an option? You’re in fear mode, except it feels more link sinking mode as you scurry to get everything done only to be left feeling empty, as you lay in your bed you pretend to be sleeping so you won’t hear that dreaded question “do you want to have sex tonight?” 

That life you’re aspiring for, maybe closer than you think, but you’re spending way too much time stressing and theorising to create the intentional and aligned lifestyle and business you desire. Yes you know it - stress kills creativity, happiness and your mojo. But you know it goes a little deeper don't you. Your mind may be foggy, your body tired, your yoga pants may be dirty, but you’re still getting up and hustling with your messy bun and unwashed face. Girl, there’s an easier way and you know it - you’re day-dreaming of it!!


What if your life was overflowing with love? (the action kind) 

Can I hear a hell yes! 

Do you remember those days, when you woke up and did what you want when you wanted. Gym, walking the dog in the park, a coffee with friends, a date night with a handsome man, a stroll around the markets, some fresh flowers and a lazy Saturday arvo swimming at the beach - but here’s the wild news: Your life can be a place of ease, alignment and even Orgasms that leave you smiling for daysssss. Imagine if you woke up and:

Felt relaxed, rested and at ease because your deepest desires were being taken care of. You felt grounded in your body, and ready to start your day with a slow pleasure activity like vinyasa yoga with your sweetheart because you’ve woken up early and the kids are still sleeping. You’ve got a few hours to yourself just for your own self-care. 

You enjoyed a little touch and flirtation with your lover throughout the day, or you turned yourself on with pleasurable activities just for you.

You’ve got more time and freedom to pursue authentic relationships and real in person time with people who you care about deeply and who care about you. You've even got time to travel and indulge your senses in the richness of the worlds different ways.

A life so aligned that everything you do falls into place effortlessly, allowing you to live, love and embrace a business that is thriving in a soft and gentle manner. 

Sounds like a miracle? Keep reading…

2) In as little as a few weeks you’ll start to see some incredible results - you'll feel more connected and people will be magnetised by your confidence.

1) Once you enroll you’ll gain access to the entire course. Yup! No waiting around. Grab a matcha latte, put up your feet and dive in to a pleasure binge fest. 

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The Slow Pleasure Studio is your blueprint to connect intimately with yourself, align with slow hustle and bring in profits in a way that feels good for you.. all in a 4 module, self-paced course. 

After getting extremely sick with breast implants, forcing me to leave my Corporate Career I underwent a path of healing. In two years I was able to turn my life around. Connecting to my body, aligning my business to my authenticity and living a life of pleasure every single day. 

Would you like to hear the best part? 
It doesn’t have to take you an entire year to learn the tools and strategies that took me over a two years to implement. Now you can learn my step-by-step guide to help guide you there easier and faster. 

So you can step into softness and sensuality starting NOW

Here’s a sneak peek inside The Slow Pleasure Studio  

About me

I'm Sarah Marie Liddle, a country girl who lives in Braidwood Australia. I'm obsessed with all things pleasure. I love comfy lingerie, red lipstick & self-love. 

I am a pretty chilled but accomplished person. I've written for magazines like The Huffington Post and Thought Catalogue. I've been coaching for 15 years - how quick does time fly? 

When I'm not out in the garden or with my family, you'll find me on the computer teaching women to love themselves, their bodies and have empowered relationships.

The Slow Pleasure Studio Curriculum 

Here’s all the good stuff your gushing over and more! I’ve been coaching and teaching for 15 years, this is the best of all my work. 

You won’t blend in anymore in any way because you confidence and clarity will magnetise the right opportunities and people to you. 

You’ll learn how to own your body, sexuality and set yourself apart in a way that makes others take note. 

module One

Release, Create & Embody

Do you constantly criticise yourself for not doing what you want to do and putting everyone else first. Do you find yourself getting jealous at the lives and relationships that others have online? In this module we are going to teach you how you can create a life you love. 

You’ll be guided through a solutions focused coaching strategy question to:

- Help you to dive into what your definition of a life you love is and how you can begin immediately stepping into your truth. 

- Get a special understanding of what it is you require sexually and why you desire it. 

- Learn to unlock the exact type of business you want to have and how you want to run it.

- My step-by-step process to unlocking and embodying your shadow self.

module Two

Create Your Slow Pleasure Foundations

What's inside...

You have the idea of what kind of slow pleasure and lifestyle you want, but how the heck do you implement it? 

Now that you have an understanding of what you’d love in your life (and what you don’t) it’s time to design the structure ad put in place the imagery, items and attitude that you need to live and love from pleasure. Because life isn’t all about hustle, and your happiness matter today we’re going to explore some intimate objects and how to use them in a way that will open you up to connecting with your body and your sexuality. 

- I’ll give you the very foundations that I used for simplifying my life many years ago when I moved off the grid to live simply with more time freedom. 

- You’ll get your hands on my best-kept relationship secrets that you can dive into immediately to add more connection and intimacy to your relationship(s). 

- You’ll learn that hustle isn’t the enemy but how we have been conditioned to disguise and mask our problems in work and consumerism. You’ll learn the best way to make peace with the hustle and how to implement my #SEED philosophy for insanely amazing results without stressing or overdoing yourself for them.

- The magic power of yoni eggs and pleasure wands and how they play an important role in healing and connecting with your yoni.

module THREE

Going deeper in your life starts by going deeper with yourself. In this module we are going to show you how you can go deeper with your body and intern your lover. You’ll learn the exact techniques that I learned to revive my marriage from vanilla sex to connected sex. You will:

- Understand how to be intimate with yourself through tantric techniques that open you up to your mind-body-soul. 

- Explore how to feel safe with closeness, and learn how to go deeper with your lover through tantric techniques.

- Learn how to remove shame, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty which is driving you away from the connection with your body; and step into radical self-love with your body and a deep innate understanding of its needs. 

- Immerse how you can be true to yourself and your lover by setting up an authentic and loving relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Pleasure as a pathway to healing

module FOUR

Do you constantly feel like your biggest struggle is receiving pleasure? Up until this point, we’ve been working on creating pleasure in our life, business and relationships. Now it’s time to really tune in to a very special kind of pleasure. This pleasure will open you up to your body, and invite in higher orgasmic states in your life. 

Healing like health requires an ongoing process of love and attention. In this module we will dive into:

- A special technique to open yourself up to radical self-love including powerful questions to have you accepting and seeing yourself as a completely different person.

- Self pleasure techniques that will increase your orgasms and have you magnetising people and opportunities to you. 

- A special breast massage and my favourite breast massage oils and masks to really pamper yourself to your not only feel good but you look good (did you know breast massage can also make your breasts bigger!)

- How to give yourself a yoni massage so that you can release old patterns, limiting beliefs and e-boyfriends (once and for all!) 


- Understand and unlock your sexual fantasies, toys, tools, and sex positions. 

- Sex etiquette 101: because nobody should do anything that makes themselves or another uncomfortable.

- How to get your partner involved in the pleasure work (for married, those in relationships) And 

- How to find a partner get involved in the pleasure work (for singles)

- Increasing your orgasms & sex life 

- Harness your orgasms to manifest (sex magic) 

- Learn the different orgasms and their different purposes (manifesting, healing, releasing) 

- How to work with day to day stress, guilt, shame and challenging situations that may arise going forward.


Plus Two Bonus Modules which include information to help you: 

Sorry this course is closed

how much is my investment?


The Slow Pleasure Studio has been designed with the busy, mum, career woman, entrepreneur, or spiritual seeker in mind. I decided to make this course affordable so that it gives access to everyone who is interested in embracing a life of slow pleasure & awakening to their (orgasmic) potential. 

The total value of The Slow Pleasure Studio is $3250 but it’s yours for just:

Questions? Don't stress, here's some Answers..

Eek! I am really pressed for time! How can I do this course when I don’t have much time?

The great thing about the course is that it is go at your own pace. You also have lifetime access to the course. With that said, I would recommend taking your time. The modules are designed to make you think, and review your life so even if you ask yourself one of the questions from the modules you can reflect on it and come back to it later in the week. 

How is the content delivered? 

As soon as you join you’ll have access to our online platform where all of the materials are hosted. We have videos, mp3’s, modules and slides - so we should have you covered! 

What if I can’t start straight away?

No worries! If you’re interested in the course you can always purchase it and come back to it when you are ready and do have time. The next round of this course may not open until 2020 so I wouldn’t want you to miss out and have a year to wait! 

I don’t have a partner, is this course right for me?

Whether you are bi or straight, single or married, this course is designed to meet you where you are. 90% of the course is designed to help you personally, and the other 10% discussed the different dynamics and how they relate to your relationship status. 

Have a question? Email us and we would be happy to answer your questions! 

I’m Sarah. I live in Braidwood Australia and have been featured in Thought Catalogue, Elephant Journal, Huffington Post and tons more magazines and podcasts. I am the host of The Pleasure Rising Podcast where I teach entrepreneurial mums to create pleasure based lives, transform their relationships, practise self care + adore their bodies, & have more freedom! I adore my family, sustainable lingerie and red lipstick. 

Shall we connect some more? Come on over and say “hi” on my Instagram.



A little more about me


Sarah is an amazing teacher and guide who embodies the lifestyle that she encourages and teaches. She is inspiring and supportive. When I reached out for advice and insight, Sarah was there for me and gave me the direction I needed. During the 8-week course, I made multiple, positive changes with ease and enjoyment. I was neglecting some basic aspects of self-care, but as I set a routine and incorporated positive, feel good rituals into my morning, it changed my day and many of my habits. I love that I can return to the information and continue to explore and dive in deeper as my life unfolds. I am so happy that my life led me to her course and I will continue to follow Sarah and participate in her offerings as they are available.

- Patrice 

Thank you!

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