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When you go beyond your identity you ask yourself questions such as:
Who am I beyond my identity? 
Who am I without my stories? 
What does my soul need now? 

When you focus on moving past your identity you create a sacred space where you can be anything and do anything as a result. But that does not concern you because you are not attached to anything, including what you do or do not have. As a result, you are always happy because you have everything here and now.

It is in the now that you find yourself over and over again, it is in the now that you transcend the identity which people cast upon you, including the identity that you were born with. As a result of leaving behind your identity, you let go of the roles your carry. 
You shed those roles, but not only do you shed roles, you shed those limiting beliefs that those roles carry. 
Beyond Ego lets those beliefs go, and leaves you feeling whole again. Whole in a sense that you’ve never felt before. 

Now, you don’t desire more, you desire less.
You read this book if you want to access who you are before the world told you who you should be. (Charles Bukowski)

Total word count: 39,044
Total pages: 206
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