Sarah brings the embodiment of erotic alchemy to her sessions with clients. This is at the core of her work. She transforms women into erotic works of art - living, breathing and being the embodiment of the exquisite, daring, and confident person that they are. 

Sarah dismantles the pleasure taboo and open the doors to allowing pleasure to be the centre of one’s existence. This dramatically transforms the way you live, love, play and create. 

There are many layers to the process of becoming a sexually empowered erotic woman, working with Sarah she will guide you through that process. 

There are two methods that are available for one on one appointments with Sarah.

Erotic Visionary Session. This session is a one off intensive session. (Session duration: 90 minutes).

Erotic Identity & Alchemy Sessions. These sessions consist of working with Sarah for a three month period. (Individual session duration: 60 minutes weekly).

To book a session with Sarah email: