Enigmatic Empress  

Sarah chooses her clients selectively. To work with her you must undertake an application and interview process. It is exclusively for the exquisite woman, the unearthing empress and CEO who blazes her own path. This woman is complex, holds multi-potential, and is vivaciously driven. 

Dark functional pleasure is at the core of Sarah's work. She transforms women into erotic works of art - living, breathing and being the allurement of the exquisite, calm, daring, and confident person that they are. Bringing out a woman's internal heart; her inner demons, fantasies and fetishes and turning them into the external heart of her sex life and the entirety of her life.  

Sarah dismantles the pleasure taboo, including fears and shame, that surround ones erotic appeal and opens the doors to allowing pleasure to be the centre of one’s existence. When working with Sarah you will learn to bathe in slow pleasure, obtain your darkest and deepest potential, and magnetise through your highest erotic experiences and people that are conducive to your power. Sarah will assist you on how to step into the High Priestess of Paradise, and as a result receive greater wealth, health and sex. 

The work with Sarah is unique for each individual. A bespoke arrangement is formulated after an initial consultation call. The cost is $1000 for this 60-minute consultation call. On this call Sarah will uncover your fantasies, fiction, and fetishes in which to customise and code your very own Erotic Identity Bible, Pleasure Chest complete with with luxury toys, lingerie and sensual objects selectively styled and purchased for you in accordance with your Erotic Identity. A customised Empress blueprint will also be presented to you, in which to assist you in igniting your erotic energy in a tangible and scalable manner so that your life and business exudes the ecstasy of your inner and outer erotic paradise.

The Enigmatic Empress work is completed face to face with Sarah at a private location.  As Sarah adores face to face meetings in sanctuaries outside of your comfort zone, you will be asked to travel for this retreat. Noting, that you may not be invited to have this offering extended to you. Should Sarah seek to offer this service a deposit of $13,000 will be required on the consultation call. Enigmatic Empress packages begin at $23,000. 

To begin the application process email hello@sarahmarieliddle.com and you will be asked to complete an application. Should your application be successful you will be requested to pay $1000 and invited to a 60-minute consultation call with Sarah.

This is a time-limited offer and will not be available after 01 Sunday September 2019.