It doesn't seem possible does it, to live completely liberated and free in your body & your sexuality?

Our sexiest and richest days are behind us, the love we had for our body has faded.

And that is just for starters....

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Shame, guilt, denial, pain, hatred - they don't have to be a part of your identity or your vocabulary.

I invite you on a journey with me, one of - self love, sexual healing and radical acceptance.

A safe space to reconnect with your inner love + knowing + deepest desires.

A place where we can peel back any layers that may be disempowering you, like - shame, guilt, denial, fear - perpetuating in your body, and making you sick.
I have five spots available for women wanting to honour their sexuality, feel secure in themselves about their appearance - and most importantly - give themselves permission to speak their deepest truths. 

This transformation is not for everyone but specifically for those ready to meet with imperfection, the unknown, the oppressed and the wild.

We will work together on the indoctrinated - shame, guilt, hurt, fear, and oppression. We will peel back the layers so that you may find strength to meet with radical self-love, pleasure and intimacy. 

I hold a safe space for you to move forward on your journey to embody a different way of living, loving + relating to yourself and others.

You will meet with the feminine woman within and come to discover the possibility of your being by awakening to your wholeness. 

Together in my work I guide you using coaching techniques + modalities, reiki healing, meditations and take-away assignments. 

Apply now to work with me in March 2019.

This work requires a strong degree of commitment/ with ones energy, time, money, resources, and emotions. If you are ready to work one-on-one with me I would feel so grateful to hold space through this important journey for you. 

Cost $2000 USD
(Payment plans are available).
Package Duration: 3 Months



For the sexually empowered woman

returning home to pleasure


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