Sacred self pleasure rituals for more intense orgasms

Learn how to have the ultimate solo sex date with these tips to bring your A game and turn them into your Ohhh game.

Benefits of self pleasuring regularly includes: You radiate positive energy. You uncover more strength, power and creativity in yourself.  Things draw themselves to you, because your frequency is so high. themselves to you. You become energised and the source of your own power. You feel good, and look good.

Listen to episode 51 of the Pleasure Rising podcast: Sacred self pleasure rituals for more intense orgasms.

Here’s some things you need to know before you self pleasure:

If you feel stuck, or tight in any part of your body it may mean that there is a block or some tension that is being held their. Physical blocks normally correspond with mental blocks, so it’s a good idea to explore those blocks gently and to not ignore them.

Test and tweak your self pleasure rituals. There are many factors that affect the body, so just because something feels good one day doesn’t mean it will feel good another day. The important thing is: listen to your body. 

Lastly, masturbate freely but safely. The next time you’re watching netflix, pull up your skirt and start playing. If it feels good, go for it, nothing is bad or wrong when you’re playing with your body in the privacy of your home, there’s no-one stopping you from enjoying your body but you!

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Sacred self pleasure rituals for more intense orgasms

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