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Ritual Of Self Pleasure

Self pleasure is one experience that is most beautiful when it is done slowly. For many, self pleasure aka masturbation is predominately about the release, the orgasm, but when we make it all about the orgasm we can loose the depth and connection that emerges when we slow it right down and savour the experience. Making time for this self pleasure ritual will assist you in loving your body, connecting deeply to your sensuality, reduce stress, improve your mood, ease pains and aches and heighten your pleasure with others.


Ritual Preparation


For this ritual you will need to set aside a few hours. Make sure you can’t be interrupted so turn your phone off, and make sure the house or your designated space is quiet so you won’t have any intruders walking in on you.

To begin the self pleasure ritual start with a warm bath. Add the herb Lovage to your bath and a sprinkle of epsom salts.  It is a good idea to have candles around the bath so you don’t need to use the light which can be to harsh. You can use Jasmine for dressing the candles. Jasmine is associated with the Goddesses and is sacred to Virgin Mary and Quan Yin.

When you get out of the bath, put on your most sensual outfit and begin preparing your space. A sheer robe is always a lovely idea as you can slip out of it with ease.

Start your ritual by putting on a playlist that makes you feel sexually free. This will begin setting the mood of slow pleasure.

Move furniture around to create space. As you do this, begin thinking of your intention for the evening – maybe it is to connect with your body, gain insights about yourself or discover the next steps on your path. Your intention may or may not relate to sex. It may be a symbol, word – affirmation or goal you want to bring into fruition.

Light nine candles, place your crystals for the ritual around the room, the heart Chakrubs crystal pleasure wand and Enigmatic body oil within reach, drape beautiful colourful sheer fabrics around, begin burning incense and adding other adorning items in your space. If you have them available, sunflowers can also be added to your sacred space. Sunflowers honour the Sun Gods but also carry the virtues of adoration and worship. If you can, place nine sunflowers around your space. The number 9 in numerology is associated with the feminine.


The Ritual


Begin by giving yourself a full body massage with the Enigmatic massage oil, infusing yourself with Reiki energy as you do so, pay special attention and give extra love to parts of yourself that you often don’t show love. Go slow and be gentle with yourself. This massage is about feeling relaxed and feeling connected to your body.

When you are feeling relaxed pick up your Chakrubs pleasure wand, hold it in both of your hands and repeat your intention for the evening to your wand. Watch as your intention is infused into your wand through your energy, envision this passing to the wand as a cloud passes through the sky with ease.

When you are ready begin by touching yourself slowly and sensually. Again, remember, the idea is that the ritual is not about orgasming. Let yourself be swept away by the moment through your body and your senses. As you slowly move to nurturing your vagina, make sure you take your time exploring all of it, when you are ready insert the pleasure wand into your vagina.

Take your time and try different positions to how you normally self pleasure. Don’t jump into the ‘old faithful’ move that gets you off. You want this space to be special, to be different, to be a mindful experience. Being mindful of your breathing can help with this.

Continue following the flow of energy, reminding yourself of your intention throughout your session.

When you finish your pleasure ritual, take time out afterwards to enjoy a herbal tea such as chamomile, meditate and journal any new insights that emerged for you.

And lastly, before you close off your sexual ceremony, take one item from that evening which was significant for you and save it. This item can be used in the creation of an amulet for yourself.



Other points:

Good days to perform this self pleasure ritual are: Tuesday, Friday & Sunday


Products mentioned:

The Heart Original – Chakrubs

Enigmatic Body Oil – Now By SML


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Ritual Of Self Pleasure

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