Hidden Depression

The conversation explores a new terrain of depression, fearlessly evoking new ideas and characteristics of what depression can look like and how it can be visible to you but you may not be fully aware and see it with clarity until you recognise the signs.

In this episode, Sarah speaks with Dr. Margaret Rutherford on what “perfectly hidden depression” is, and the people who may be affected by it. They explore how perfectionism and control can be tools to mask a person’s feelings. The conversation unfolds into the discussion of how shame and fear can keep a person inhibited in moving forward with their life.  

Perfectly hidden depression places a wildly new perspective on what many people may be facing and feeling – the need to look perfect, and control the way we are seen, whether with our partners, friends, clients or online. 

Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice with more than twenty-five years of experience treating individuals and couples for depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. She also offers her compassionate and commonsense therapeutic style to the general public through her popular blog and podcasts, with the goal of decreasing the stigma around psychological treatment. Her podcasts and shows on perfectly hidden depression (PHD) have reached thousands, as she sheds light on this overlooked presentation of the disease.



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Hidden Depression

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