The journey home into your sacred truth is one of the most liberating journeys you can make. This is a pathway home for women wanting to deepen their relationships with their sensuality, body, and sexuality.

How do you cultivate your full body freedom? With connection, space, time, prompts of exploration and meaningful communion.  

Within Sarah's online personalised wellness salon, there are four ways for you to connect and engage in her work.

These pathways  include: Embodiment practises, healing rituals, sexual medicine, adornment, self-love, and sensual care. 

High Priestess of Paradise embodiment Sessions. 
Bringing to life your sensuality, creativity & confidence. ⁣
30 Minutes $110 
60 Minutes $220

Archetype Wound Healing.
A dialogue session to unearth what’s holding you back & release it. ⁣
60 Minutes $270

Archetype Reading & Playbooks.
Through the lens of the archetypes: A holistic overview of what needs illumination, releasing, and transforming in your life, biz, relationships, body, soul, and mind. ⁣
Playbook is presented within 7 days post session. 
90 Minutes $520

Erotic Muse Makeover & Erotic Identity Book.
A catalyst for giving fruition to your altar-ego, fantasies and fetishes, all while coming into your High Priestess of Paradise through adornment & divination. ⁣
Erotic Identity Bible is presented 7 days post session.
90 Minutes $770

Sensual Wellness Saloon 
A 9 week/ 3 month one-on-one sensual liberation journey with Sarah.  
60 Minutes weekly with email assistance $2500

All prices are in USD.

work with sarah

pathways are portals, pathways are journeys, pathways are sacred. this is a pathway into your sensual wellness. 

to discuss booking a session please email:

• Relationship dynamics, intimacy and communication
• Exploring sexuality and sexual liberation
• Pelvic Floor strengthening
• Awakening your libido after birth
• Self love and self care
• Genital numbness and discomfort 
• The joy of foreplay and expanding into pleasure. 
• Find balance within the healthy masculine and feminine energies  
• Self pleasure and slow pleasure. 
• Connecting with your archetypes - Girl, Dark Girl, Woman, Dark Woman and High Priestess of Paradise. 
• Awakening to the anthems of female orgasm
• Transcendental techniques
• Sex magic and sexual alchemy 
• Transmute anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, needy feelings, and comparison surrounding pleasure, sex and your relationship
• Taoist and tantric sexual healing techniques  
• Awaken the divinity holistically, mind - body and soul
• Unravel stubborn blockages to intimacy and receiving pleasure
• Uncovering a new appreciation for your body and innate femininity.
• Physical wellness through the Body Ecology nutrition principles

sarah specialises in:

I loved every minute. ⁣⁣⁣
I have worked with a lot of coaches, and I really enjoyed working with all of them but you were like a whole new level. It was very much like a gentle way in which you nurtured, encouraged, and inspired me, I have never felt that. How you coach has really left a legacy with me because it is different to what I have experienced before. ⁣⁣⁣
— Lucy⁣⁣⁣

Sarah is an amazing teacher and guide who embodies the lifestyle that she encourages and teaches. She is inspiring and supportive. When I reached out for advice and insight, Sarah was there for me and gave me the direction I needed. I made multiple, positive changes with ease and enjoyment. I was neglecting some basic aspects of self-care, but as I set a routine and incorporated positive, feel good rituals into my morning, it changed my day and many of my habits.
— Patrice⁣⁣

I enjoyed my sessions with Sarah immensely. Even over the phone, Sarah's presence is very calming and her voice soothing. I enjoyed discussing and learning about the archetypes on our chats and gorged on her podcasts too later on. 
Talking to Sarah, I felt calm and confident and even excited about stepping into my high priestess energy. And she helped me get clear on what this looked like. 
I am so grateful to have met Sarah and for her help on stepping into my full energetic potential. 
— Chaturi