The journey home into your sacred truth is one of the most liberating journeys you can make. This is a journey home into your High Priestess of Paradise, and an integration of all of your Archetypes. 

How do you cultivate your full body freedom? With connection, space, time, prompts of exploration and meaningful communion.  

Within my online sanctuary, there are four ways for us connect and engage in my work.

The pathways that I create include: Embodiment practises, healing rituals, sexual medicine, adornment, self-love, and sensual care. 

High Priestess of Paradise embodiment Sessions. 
Bringing to life your sensuality, creativity & confidence. ⁣
30 Minutes $110 
60 Minutes $220

Archetype Wound Healing.
A dialogue session to unearth what’s holding you back & release it. ⁣
60 Minutes $270

Archetype Reading & Playbooks.
A holistic overview of what needs illumination, releasing, and transforming in your life, biz, relationships, body, soul, and mind. ⁣
Playbook is presented within 7 days post session. 
90 Minutes $520

Erotic Identity Makeover & Erotic Identity Bible.
A catalyst for coming into your High Priestess of Paradise through adornment & divination. ⁣
Erotic Identity Bible is presented 7 days post session.
90 Minutes $770


pathways are portals, pathways are journeys, pathways are sacred.

to discuss booking a session please email: hello@sarahmarieliddle.com