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Within this course you will learn about Sarah's five erotic identity archetypes, and go into detail on one particular archetype: The High Priestess of Paradise.  

One of the keys to stepping into your fullest potential is understanding which archetype is directing your life. Within our life we often operate from a place of mind, however the High Priestess of Paradise integrates both her mind and her being within her life. This deep connection allows her to respond to life from a place of joy and deep gratitude. 

When we stay in the lower archetypes we live mostly from ego, living from a place of fear, lack, guilt, and pain. 

When we live from a place of the High Priestess of Paradise we embody love because we know that life is love. 

When we live from lower archetypes we repeat the same patterns.

When we step into the High Priestess of Paradise we realise that we are the patterns, and transcend all limitations within ourselves. 

The world is awaiting your arrival home, to your High Priestess of Paradise, because it knows that your inner light beacons the beauty of the new horizon, the new world. 

What is the High Priestess of Paradise?

Introduction to the High priestess 


Feeling safe & your plan to flourish 


Clearing karma & connecting to pleasure


Sensuality practises to connect deeply with your body


Connecting to your divine masculine & feminine from a jung perspective




Course Outline




Within this five week course you will gain access to six videos each 20 minutes in length. They will be delivered straight to your inbox over five weeks. You also have the opportunity to receive a journalling workbook, group class and live workshop with Sarah.

What's included:

The workings of the archetypes are not something that emerges through thought alone, reading is insufficient, for the High Priestess of Paradise must live her truth not just intellectualise it. Let us begin with a look at the underlying philosophy that guided these archetypes to emerge in my life, and brought them into existence in my clients life and now yours. 

Embrace your body, care for your sexuality
Your body is the home of your soul, and also the means by which you experience your existence. It is also our greatest source of pleasure, and pain. I am sure you can like me, remember pain that you suffered because your body wasn’t the shape, colour, size or [insert obscure and ever-changing society picture of a woman’s body here]. This book will guide you step by step, with practises to gently heal trauma, ease you into your body, guide you into sexual confidence, and equip you with the know how to live your life on your terms. Yes, our body image is that power, when we are in a state of hatred that will show and impact our lives - from our pleasure to our careers. 

Embody your femininity 
As a society there has been a shift toward this softer female energy for many years, graciously I have been able to witness and more and more women around the world are waking up to a new way of living and loving. While I do not think you should condemn, or cut out your inner masculine, it’s divine and heavenly too, and when you get to the High Priestess of Paradise you’ll uncover the power to harness both the feminine and masculine energy in a way that integrates them into your life and body so that you feel completely whole and not fragmented. 

Set strong boundaries
Set strong boundaries that guard your creativity, sexuality and soul life. While I firmly believe strong boundaries are important for all areas of one life, I must pay special attention to the three cornerstones that will guide you throughout this book. Those are: Your Creativity, sexuality and soul life. Whilst than can be separate, they can also be integrated with each other. Using these three keys can aid in your healing, happiness, and helping you to step into your heartfelt truth. There is no mistaking the power of these three being under-utilised in ones life, as is fully harnessed in ones life. To flourish whole we must breathe life into our whole being, even the parts of ourselves we deem as ‘nice’, ‘ugly’, or ‘unimportant’. You my darling are a miracle, a one in four trillion kinda miracle!

Get excited about your partner (or soon to be partner)
It can be easy to slip into beliefs of “why me”, and “I’m not lucky in love”, or “I’ll never meet the one”. You and I both know that those sorts of beliefs limit ourselves from fully experiencing the joy that our relationship with our partner, and if we are single it sends a message out to the universe to say that we are not available for nice people only jerks that want to continue acknowledging our current belief system. 
Infuse erotica in the bedroom

Whether you’re into kink or wanting to move away from the same old positions, infusing the belief that you have the power to change what happens in the bedroom (and life for that matter). Sex is joyous, and it should be seen as something light and playful. Bring that spirit of play to the bedroom and you’ll never be bored or without some new exciting technique or position to enjoy alone or with your partner. 

Align with nature
While I do not expect you to become an eco-sexual, unless you want to, it is important to follow the laws of nature. Whilst nature looks chaotic, charting its flows, and learning to look within to our flow is important. Whether you simply want to get in touch with the rhythms of your body, or you want to harness the power of your monthly cycle. Aligning with nature means to align with our bodies. Take time away from technology regularly, sit outside frequently, observe how flowers and trees grow around you, and make peace with each of the seasons. 

Live in this moment
One of the greatest assets of the High Priestess of Paradise is her ability to remain grounded in the now. It’s perfectly okay to strive, and to also reflect on the past, but be sure to put your attention primarily on the moment that is in front of you. This moment now is your life. 

Focus on who you’re wanting to become
Whilst this may sound like a contradiction to the above, focusing on who you’re destined to become, who your soul decided to be before your born, is the best way to release who you’re not, any limiting beliefs and baggage that you’re currently carrying around. If we learn to live in the now, and also focus on who we want to be in that moment we can make wiser choices that are not centred on habitual responses to stimuli around us, but consciously choose based on a deep stillness and awareness that we hold within. 

Live a life you enjoy daily and make an impact 
Too often we as women think we must sacrifice our time, energy, abilities for another, and that sacrifice leads us to believe that we can have this, or we can have that. But we can not have them both as the same time, while sometimes this is true, if you are resourceful enough you can often find a way to enjoy your life today and also make an impact in your career, with your hobbies, or however you wish to share your light with the world. The deeper we go with our sexuality and pleasure, the wider we go with our impact. 

Advocate for your pleasure each and every moment
There is no need to be uncomfortable, to force yourself into those skinny jeans, or hold your wee in because you can’t get up and use the bathroom because you’re finishing an email. Your pleasure matters, not just in the future, but right here now. So get comfortable, sit tall, straight, use the bathroom, get yourself a glass of water, burn the jeans and honour the person you are today with nourishing practises every minute of the day. 

Pleasure is the key to freedom 
We think that pleasure is often something that is a ‘nice thing we do occasionally’, but as you will learn through the process of working through the archetypes. Pleasure is something that is imperative to our survival and self actualisation. It is the very basis existence. Let pleasure guide you home. 

Working with the Erotic Archetypes:

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