PARADISE possessed 

In a robe of chiffon and sultry lace you look around and find yourself adorned in the vivid beauty that once was kept locked away in your imagination. You are now the high priestess of paradise. Channeling the sexual energy inside of you and harnessing the genius of the erotic. What anchored you in on your highest sexual fantasies and energy? It is not the embellished you peacock around in. It is not the high end luxury sex toys your body gets off from. It is not the sex life that keeps your pussy moist all day. 

It is because you have tapped into the unmistakable erotic truth of who you are. 
Paradise is found because your Erotic Identity Archetype is tapped into. 

In this six week course you will delight in learning Sarah's five Erotic Identity Archetypes. These archetypes act as blueprints and are the key to igniting and bringing forward your erotic truth. Inviting this truth into your life will shift the way you fuck, love and even conduct your business affairs.

Sexual energy propels itself through your entire life. Your manifesting speeds up. Ideals are uninhibited. Sex life becomes deeply healing and ecstatically mind and body blowing. 

Staying stuck sexually you are guaranteed to stay stuck in other areas. The Erotic Identity Archetypes are your key that opens your passion, creativity, charisma, libido, boundaries and highest potential (in and outside of the bedroom). 

You will be guided through the five Erotic Identity Archetypes: High Priestess of Paradise, Dark Woman, Woman, Dark Girl, and Girl. Each archetype will be outlined in detail including sharing how and why you stay stuck in the lower levels and the techniques and tools to take you to the High Priestess of Paradise — where your true unfiltered unmistakable unshakable potential lie. We will cover the characteristics, beliefs, wording, stories, and portals of pleasure that will take you into your most sensual, sexual and liberated self. 

God wants you to be a well fucked woman. 

Your partner wants you to be a well fucked woman.

You want to be a well fucked woman. 

So, why aren't you a well fucked woman? You have the toys, lingerie, books..... 

Before you can step into your slutty powerful self you must move past the codes and identities that have kept you stuck. The codes that say 'it's okay hun', 'not tonight', 'maybe tomorrow', 'Yes it is good', 'I don't mind', 'whatever you want', 'just for a little bit', 'sure that might be nice', 'if we do that, then I want this too'. 

Because your voice and your uninhibited expression is not going to come forward by simply wearing something sexy, buying a new toy or trying a new position. You will not be seen. Be heard. Or healed until you step into and explode your darkest deepest most fucked up fantasies, ideals, images, beliefs. And if you don't know what they are, you need to know, because those items that once haunted you are the reason why you have not gotten everything you wanted and more in the timeframe you wanted. 

Want a life where you own your worth like a boss ass bitch who will fuck, love, and adorn what and who she wants. 

This course will equip you with the confidence you need to live a sexually free and expressed life in the core of your erotic personas.

 There is nothing available like this course anywhere.

 What you are learning is a new course of erotic revolution.

Some teachings from the course include:

Exploring and transcending stories of shame, guilt, and fear. 

Embodying radical self-love 

Embodying a new erotic identity

Understanding why you act the way you do in certain situations 

How to be your own erotic advocate - working with the Archetypes.

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