Loving Your Body


Ready for deeper self love?

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Your body is the home of your soul, it is the catalyst that promotes you being in this world. While a lot of people approach me struggling with pleasure in its various forms, I normally always start with the basics in my work. To live a 20/20 life you must learn to love yourself in all of your entirety. 

This course is not a course on self love but sensual transformation of the body and how you move, nurture or neglect your body in the world.

Once a week for 7 days you will receive an email in your inbox, this email will have an attached PDF worksheet and MP3. The topics that we are going to be celebrating in our course are: 
* Radical simplicity - slowing the body down, 
* Sensual massage, 
* Non toxic skincare and body products, 
* Forgiveness and releasing, and 
* Recreating a life of physical and sensual pleasure.

Inspired to live beyond existence, this course will add the elements of sensual and physical living as the primary basis for everything else. This course really is a part of the foundation to much of my work

I do hope you will join me in this celebration of our physical bodies. 

The price is  $55. 

Once you sign up you will receive one lesson each day for seven weeks.

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