Liberating The World With Your Truth With Elise Carr


On this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah speaks with Elise Carr on the topic of truth. She shares the importance of bringing spiritual principles to life and how we can bring our spiritual practises and integrate them in our life using our willpower and courage. She discuses her belief that the world is seeking is spiritual leaders who live in the world and are united in both human and spiritual principles. Elise highlights the importance of discernment and sheds light on the fact that we must find our own unique way.

Finding harmony closer to what we really are, is something Elise is passionate about.

Elise proposes some interesting questions to ponder:

What is love? Am I demonstrating it?



About Elise Carr

The host of Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast, Elise also combine The Ageless Wisdom, Tantra & the Esoteric to light your way – be that in 1:1 sessions anywhere in the world, workshops, talks and events.

The blending of what Elise offers you is Like Psychology for the Soul – honouring your physical / sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual layers; what has brought you to where you are today and what needs healing, releasing and guidance – all ultimately in alignment with your Soul’s plan.

Combining the science of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual, psychological and practical modern knowledge with Soul guidance, love and unwavering dedication. She doesn’t work by any book or as a typical guide, psychologist or counsellor. Elise works by blending the Eastern mysteries & Western sciences, with the impulse of soul in harmony with mind and heart. One on one with you and your highest purpose and potential.

With extensive knowledge, unwavering presence, Love, fierce dedication and spirited insight, she guides aspirational souls away from old patterns habits, addications, illusion & suffering and into a life of Truth, Love~Wisdom and authentic Beauty. Healing, Balancing and Harmonising the physical body, emotions and heart with the clarity of mind. Guiding you deeper into knowing Yourself, as Soul.

Featured on various national and international platforms including SBS World News, MindBodyGreen, MamaMia, The Sunday Times & Daily Mail UK, SHAPE US, Elise is also a disciplined student of the Ageless Esoteric Wisdom/Occult Mysteries & Raja Yoga and a certified; Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master and Integrative Coach, as well as a Writer & Speaker.

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Liberating The World With Your Truth With Elise Carr

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