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Is A Yoni Egg Right For You?

When I first heard of yoni eggs (I was like OMG – I have to have one!) I was instantly drawn to these crystal eggs. 

A little background info:

Yoni eggs are crystals carved and shaped into the physical form of an egg. They come in various types of crystals including Jade, Rose and Clear Quartz. There are also various sizes. They are designed to be inserted into your vagina.

The other names for Yoni eggs are: Jade eggs and Love eggs. I prefer to call them Yoni eggs.

For those of you who are not familiar with the word ‘yoni’ it is the Indian word for vagina. I prefer the word yoni than the word vagina. It’s softer and feels right for me. 


The yoni egg can assist you to:

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Awaken your spiritual and feminine power.

Connects you to the womb.

Can heal from trauma.

Increase your libido, and

Reduce menstrual cramps. 


Choosing your egg:

When it comes to buying your Yoni Egg I do recommend that you research and buy from only shops that you trust. Referrals are always best, so you know you are getting the highest quality crystal – after all, you don’t want to put anything in your body that may harm it. My red carnelian, featured, is from Yoni Pleasure Palace.

Make sure you purchase a yoni egg that is aligned with your size, energy and intentions. When it comes to what type of crystal you choose, always choose what feels good for you on a heart level. Let your intuition guide you. You can always buy more if you love them, but to get started choose what you feel most attracted to.


To get started:

Create a safe space to spend time with your body and your egg.

Hold the egg next to your heart and affirm an intention for it. Think about why you purchased this particular egg, hold it closely and visualise it being infused with the desired energy.

When you are comfortable that the intention and bond has been formed between you and your egg you may want to enjoy a self-pleasure session aka masturbation.

You may want to start by nurturing your body with a beautiful oil, such as the Goddess breast oil and rubbing your breasts gently and softly. You will want to take your time, getting to know your body and your egg slowly and softly.

Warm yourself up, and pleasure your body. When you are ready apply lubricant and insert the egg gently. You can either insert it squatting, or with one leg raised on the bed.

When it is inside you, it is the pelvic floor muscles that hold it in place. It will feel just like you are holding a tampon or a penis. It should not be painful, but quite pleasant. You can go about your day to day activities with the egg inside you and/ or practise some yoni egg exercises to strengthen your muscles. 

If the egg falls out, you may want to practice strengthening your pelvic floor muscles or go with a bigger egg. 

Use it for a few hours to start with, listen to your body and go gently with it. Take your time and increase the time that you have it inside you slowly. When you have familiarised yourself with your egg you may want to leave it in your yoni overnight. 

How long you wear your egg for is up to you, it is said that up to 12 hours is a good amount.


My yoni egg journey:

Yoni eggs like most other things, are not about the end result, but the journey and what that provides. I have found that the time that I spend with my yoni egg is sacred. It is a call back to my wild inner nature, it allows me to connect with myself – mind, body and soul. I enjoy having the yoni egg inside me, it creates a state of relaxation and space of healing for me. The important thing is to find what feels right for you, and to tune into a listen to what your body is craving in terms of love, care and beauty.


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Is A Yoni Egg Right For You?

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