Inside My Sex Life

In this episode I divulge into the factors and influences that are currently shaping my sex life, the role being a mother is playing on my pleasure; and the cyclical natures within relationships. Providing you with ideas and information to help you better your relationship and sex life. With resources, books, and guidance, I invite you to explore the sexual identities that you wear; and elaborate on how my sexual identity has shifted from being a little girl to a strong sexual woman within a year.

Affiliate resources spoken about on this show:

JouJou The clitoral stimulator mentioned in this show is the Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Sonic Massager.

Crystal Pleasure Wands

Erotic Eden For Bespoke Erotic Identity Bibles.

Passionfruit Sensuality Shop I spoke about the N-Joy Plug: Steel N-Joy.

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Inside My Sex Life

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