Enter the castle and bequest your High Priestess of Paradise.

In this 7 day email course, you will receive 7 days of audio & written teachings, prompts, and meditations to assist you in remembering your High Priestess of Paradise. 

The High Priestess of Paradise is so intricate and otherworldly.

I invite you into the castle of the enchanted, the witchy, priestess's, magical queens that have remembered the truth and bring that truth to the world. Illuminating the way with their beauty they welcome a new world through their being. They advocate through embodiment. While she may not constantly wearing a crown, she is dedicated to ascension and it is from this dedication that all else opens up to her. She is love, and this love is the beauty that others see. 

Within this course you will be guided to enter the castle, to uncover your High Priestess of Paradise. To discover what is holding you back from breathing to life your highest sensual soulful nature.

If you are to step into your High Priestess of Paradise truth, nothing should be left out, it can’t. Your strong sensual self requires complete healing, reconciliation and embodiment to move forward.

If you are ready to move forward, purchase below. 

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enter the castle