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How To Practise Loving Kindness To Receive More Pleasure


Pleasure is something that is not just found in certain areas or certain times of our life but it is found in every area of our life and in every moment. I have seen from my own life and work, that people think pleasure is something you acquire or achieve but pleasure is something that we become not something that we acquire.

This is illustrated in A Course In Miracles, which highlights the importance of returning to love. Right now we live in a world that is full of fear. So with pleasure, we are moving into an inner world of love. This is the underlying premise of pleasure – love. When you step into pleasure you step into love.

Instead of aiming for pleasure externally, what we essentially want to do is step into love within our whole being. It is not a limited love for ourselves or others. We cannot put conditions upon love, because then it would not be love at all.

The thing we need to do is – transform ourselves.

 When we transform ourselves that is when our world transforms.

To do that we need to step into love, loving kindness and forgiveness. When we step into that philosophy we shift from the fear-based philosophy we are taught into an expanded love philosophy. From this space, we offer ourselves love, our partners love and even strangers love – everyone is blessed with our loving presence when we shift from fear to love. Because we are offering love now instead of fear through our state of being. When you give to this degree your world will open up. This is like The Law of Attraction except on steroids. That is what pleasure is.

If you want to create a beautiful life you first need to step into pleasure within yourself. And by that, I mean – step into love within yourself.

Pleasure starts internally with us.

Here’s an exercise to help guide you move into love, pleasure and miracles.

Often we are too hard on ourselves, and we automatically step into a fear-dominant attitude to get things done, but I want you to slow down and step into your feminine a little more with these practises. It is not about doing anything – but rather, becoming.

Practise loving kindness with yourself.

Living meditation homework

Be truly kind to yourself, imagine how you speak to a young baby – would you speak to the young baby how you speak to yourself? Instead of judging or condemning ourselves we need to bless ourselves, with prayers, love and happiness. You can say loving mantras to yourself, and to others to fufill and spread loving kindness. Wish yourself well, wish yourself happiness, love and complete bliss. You don’t have to say it physically to another but you can silently bless them when you walk past them. Silently bless yourself, learn to bless even those negative thoughts. That is a shift toward pleasure, and away from fear.

You can also wish others loving kindness. You don’t have to say mantras verbally to another personally but you can silently bless them when you walk past them. Silently bless yourself, bless others and learn to bless even those negative thoughts or so called ‘negative’ people. That is a shift toward pleasure, and away from fear.

That is a powerful shift toward pleasure, and away from fear.

When you do step into a space of love your world transforms because you are no longer operating from that fear based model of thinking (and attracting).

Enjoy this exercise. Try it out for the next seven days, and check back with me on Instagram and let me know how you are going with it.

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How To Practise Loving Kindness To Receive More Pleasure

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