The High Priestess of Paradise Live Workshop

Sarah Marie Liddle

This is a live workshop in Sydney with Sarah. It's designed specifically for women wanting to get in touch with their sensuality and sexuality in a deeper and more purposeful way. 

Drawing upon sacred sensuality practises, teachings, and journal prompts you'll learn how to connect with your body daily, live from your divine feminine, evoke your own beauty, and draw upon Sarah's five archetypes to help you to heal, embody, and become your High Priestess of Paradise.

In this three hour workshop you will be guided with a small group of like-minded women, to come home to your truth, to find your sensual delights and bring them to your life purposefully. Clearing any blocks, you will feel empowered to step into your fierce truth, confidence, and pleasure in a deeper way. 

Graduates of this course, also may have the opportunity to be mentored on using the five archetypes with their partners and with their clients. 

A live workshop for the wild woman and untamed feminine.

Own your Power

This workshop is like a mini retreat. It's a beautiful gathering for women to come together to share stories, support each other, and learn ways to respond to pleasure.

You will get a better understanding of yourself using Sarah's five archetypes. 

We will gently and softly move through any blocks you have around feeling deserving or worthy. You will get in touch with your emotions, and body through suggested pleasure practises suited to your archetype. 

Some of the practises shared can also help to move stuck energy and trauma within the body. Allowing you to feel pleasure freely. 

Sarah will share her experiences with stepping into pleasure, and guide you to choose pleasure every day, empowering you to be the best version of yourself and attract and motivate the people who you feel inspired by. 

This course opens for early-bird registration 01 October and ends on 31 October.
Enrolment closes on 17 November.

Workshop date: 24 November 
Workshop time: 9:00am-12:00pm

Workshop price $122

Workshop + 30 minute coaching session (post workshop) $222

Dates & Details

Enrol now to join the live workshop . Once your payment is complete you will receive a welcome email and registration book within 48 hours. 

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Workshop $122


Workshop + Coaching $222