erotic identity archetype:


Sarah Marie Liddle

Traditional archetype traits: Sovereign/ Magician/ Warrior/ Lover.
Greek word for loving others: Rapture.
Shadow Elements: None, she is integrated. 
Worldly element: Soulful. 
Love within her heart: Eternal heart.
Her healing potential is in: Freedom. 
Her potential is to become: Of service. 
She must learn to: Dissolve.
Her physical element: Cosmic extension of her consciousness. 
Essential oil best suited to her: Lavender or rose

The House Of Freedom

Claim your crown High Priestess of Paradise, you’ve earned it!

If you stay the course and you end up in the house of freedom, you should surely feel proud. Humble but proud. A home so few end up enjoying, but it doesn’t mean that they can never. Now you are here you not only have a beautiful sacred duty to yourself to bask in the brilliance of your space, but also to help lift people up into their individual freedom. 
The High Priestess of Paradise is integrated in her being. Connected to her mind, body, and soul, as well, she is connected to other people and a higher power. She feels deeply, but often those feelings do not paralyse her as they would do The Dark Woman, they help her to draw herself and move forward. Using rage as fuel, sorrow as hope, anxiety as a wake up. She holds a willingness to help like never before. At times she may find herself feeling slightly dismissed, often asking herself if she is doing enough. Which she most always certainly is. 

She shines without effort, even her off days she is still a beacon of light. Now, moves forward into the world which she once stood in, then stepped back from, she brings a fresh new approach to her world. Dynamic and unrestrained, she holds the intensity of being beside a tiger, but the peace of being in the presence of a monk. She is a force of fulfilment in herself, and needs nothing to bring about completion. She has soothed her ailments, enlisted an army to help her, and found a way to breathe a life where the life was dying. Because of this, she brings love, and hope for all. Although her means is by service she is primarily performing the service through her being. When she stops to feel the earth, and connect with her body, which is often, she connects to the deeper parts of herself which fuel her and give her energy. She is a minster of love, and that love penetrates everything and everyone. 
Should her energy feel sluggish, or tired, she remembers and recalls the stories that are debilitating her and calling her to slow down, and slow down she does, to examine what beliefs and stories must be shed. Not only is she shedding the stories now of herself, but she sheds freely the stories of the world.

The High Priestess of Paradise is the final archetype in the five archetypes, and while she is the final she holds the key to all the archetypes. Because of the purity in spirit she brings she can often be confused with the girl archetype, but she holds a great deal difference to her. 

She is totally free, and fierce in her truth, coming from a different paradigm she evokes a higher level of sensual awareness and a precise presence. While she has no agenda she does have underlying emotions that rally her forward, a distinct understanding of her souls blueprint, and a heart that evokes a rapture for every being. She doesn’t align herself with specific goals, but instead acts on feelings, and energy. While at times it may take her some time to say YES, when she does say YES she commits, and brings her full body to her work, her lover, or her decision. 


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