The High Priestess of Paradise is the final archetype in the five archetypes, and while she is the final she holds the key to all the archetypes. Because of the purity in spirit she brings she can often be confused with the girl archetype, but she holds a great deal difference to her. 

She is totally free, and fierce in her truth, coming from a different paradigm she evokes a higher level of sensual awareness and a precise presence. While she has no agenda she does have underlying emotions that rally her forward, a distinct understanding of her souls blueprint, and a heart that evokes a rapture for every being. She doesn’t align herself with specific goals, but instead acts on feelings, and energy. While at times it may take her some time to say 'yes', when she does say 'yes' she commits, and brings her full body to her work, her lover, or her decision. 

the high priestess of paradise

soul whispers are sensual birds singing the praises of your priestess