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Goddess Quan Yin’s Message For Your Healing


Goddess Quan Yin has personally helped me to learn how to release deep resentment, to have more forgiveness and compassion for myself and others. She also can assist in creating energetic boundaries, a sacred container, and the difference between taking on other people’s stuff and having compassion.


This incredible Goddess can be a great ally and assist you on your life’s journey.


Who is Goddess Quan Yin?


Goddess Quan Yin is best known as the Goddess of Compassion and Healing. Her gift is allowing one to be more gentle with oneself and can assist one on the path to self love. Quan Yin assists in transmuting harsh or judgemental thoughts or energy. She can assist in raising your frequency which in turn can transform limitations and expand your energy field. Quan Yin uses her compassion to energetically move the divine essence of her Goddess self through you. Through this expansion you will be able to use your compassion to heal yourself and others.


Quan Yin is here to guide you in every step of the way. Practice being kind to yourself, be kind to others.


How you will know she is appearing in your life


She makes herself very known when she is entering your life. Her energy can feel like and is associated with Mother Mary. Goddess Quan Yin assists people going through life changes, transformation or through a healing journey.


Her energy is very soothing and she reminds us to slow down and start taking better care of ourselves.


You may feel a nudge to do things that are more nurturing or comforting when she is appearing in your life, like spend time in nature or listen to relaxing music while taking a long warm bath. She carries that eternal and unconditionally loving mother energy and you will feel in your heart chakra.


What is Goddess Quan Yin’s message or healing for you


Quan Yin is a part of the divine feminine energy much the same way as our Universal Mother Mary is viewed in the Western tradition or Shakti in the Hindu tradition.


Quan Yin’s message is that of unconditional love and compassion. Her healing is powerful in the ways that it can transform your life, your heart, your overall feelings of self, yet her approach is very gentle.


She carries the yin and yang energy of that powerful and gentle force coming together.


I have personally witnessed her divine healing work in the sessions I have facilitated in the past. Her energy started to work with mine in my sessions and it was that of pure unconditional love and compassion. I myself am feisty and opinionated, but the moment I stepped into the healing room, her energy permeated everything and she assisted me in leaving my ego behind so I could be of utmost service.


I am in awe of her healing abilities. She carries the lavender flame energy which gently, very gently burns out other harsh, dense energies or beliefs that no longer serve. She is on the board of karma, so one may appeal to her in helping balance the scales of karma with her assistance.


The key to connecting with Quan Yin is to let go of preconceived notions and just call her divine presence in. Ask her to help you clear old beliefs, energies, patterns or programing that no longer serve you. Goddess Quan Yin can perform miracles with her unconditional love and I highly recommend connecting with and or working with her in healing or uplifting your life.  As the Dali Lama says: “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”


Meditation to evoke her:


“As I meditate, I surrender all my stress, and experience more grace and ease”


Goddess Quan Yin is always willing to connect with you and very often if she is one of your guides, she has been trying to send you messages and healing.


Perform this meditation for 30 minutes or more in the morning. The reason is our mind is more lucid and relaxed and our subconscious mind is able to receive with more ease at this time.

Create a ritual around this meditation by. lighting a candle and performing it intentionally.


The meditation:


Lie down or sit quietly with your spine straight up and let go of all the mind chat. Allow any stress to drop and be washed away by deep breath work.


As you take the nice deep breath, hold your breath for a moment and slowly exhale. Repeat over and over again, as gentle as you can. Feel your body release any accumulated tension while you imagine a soothing flow of Quan Yin’s lavender light come over your body.


Now ask Goddess Quan Yin to bring forth her beautiful energy. When you are calm and have space for her and her wisdom, she is more than happy to come forth.  You can say this prayer out loud from Order White Moon:


“May the Peace of Quan Yin be upon this household

May the Light of Quan Yin be in my soul

May the Wisdom of Quan Yin be in my mind

May the Virtue and Purity of Quan Yin be among the

members of my household

May the Health and Well-Being of Quan Yin be

manifest throughout my body,

And radiate through the garments I wear.

May the Grace of Quan Yin be in my worship

May the Talents and Genius of Quan Yin be manifest

through my senses

May the Peace of Quan Yin be upon me!”


Allow yourself to be saturated with the divine essence of Quan Yin and relax into loving energy. When you are complete with your meditation activation, slowly get up and gently move your body by stretching your limbs. You’re ready to start a day or end a day filled with self-love and awareness.


Know that once you connect with her, she will forever be part of your life and you can always call upon her when you need her divine love or assistance.


Written By Radhaa Nilia

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Radhaa has created a workbook: Quan Yin Goddess Activations Healing Workbook. You can download it here.






Goddess Quan Yin’s Message For Your Healing

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