I invite you to come on a journey through your body, mind and spirit back into a time when you remembered the truth. Your truth. When beauty was a daily practise and your connection to the earth was a relationship in spirit and body. With this journey we shall safely heal your inner child.

The Girl Archetype is the very seed of your High Priestess of Paradise. We shall look into the teachings that your Girl archetype has to gift you in moving forward. Those teachings shall be invited into your life on a practical level. 

We shall guide you to live from your root space, to be present and purpose in your life and relationships. 

With this safe journey home we will rekindle and collect what was once lost to help guide you forward into the embodiment of your High Priestess of Paradise and a deeply fulfilling and aligned life.

What's included in the course:
Four online pre-recorded workshops, which include: Meditations, embodiment practises, teachings as they relate to the Girl Archetype, Forgiveness work, Inner child healing, Affirmations and Mantras.

What is covered within the course:
Sacred sleep, meditation, energy, movement, hormones, creativity, truth, love, aligning archetypes, spiritual guidances and guides, expanding your vision. 

This course is a space of raw connection, it is a time to bring yourself back to your body, your breath, and your intuition.

Cost $244 or 2 payments of $133
Course Starts 09 April 2020. 

girl archetype 

In a circle of safeness, lightness, ease & play we return to the forgotten truths of your heart.