erotic identity archetype:


Sarah Marie Liddle

Traditional archetype traits: Child / Sovereign  
Greek word for loving others: Philia.
Shadow Elements: Denial. 
Worldly element: Emotional. 
Love within her heart: Friend.
Her healing potential is in: Innocence. 
Her potential is to become: Release the pain of the world.  
She must learn to: Trust.
Her physical element: Heart. 
Essential oil best suited to her: Rose. 

The House Of Innocence

The girl is the house of innocence.

She holds the very seed of existence for the High Priestess of Paradise. Her essence is pure, and it’s this purity that is both her weakness and strength. She has the power to transform situations as fast at the High Priestess of Paradise because of this purity but she does not know how to harbour that energy, thus people often take advantage of her for this without even their conscious awareness of it. Her light is like a bubble, and it keeps her safe, but it also prevents anything or anyone new from truly entering her heart. 

She holds resistance to letting go and also inviting new things into her life. As such, she is often frozen and does not know where to begin or start with projects, or with her personal growth.

If you find yourself in the girl archetype you will not know where to begin. You will likely feel conflicted, and remain stuck. You know there is a realm of deeper pleasure but you will find yourself battling the beliefs imparted onto your from your society, culture, and religious conditioning. 

A woman may dive back into The Girl archetype throughout her life, she does this when deeply held store emerges. Often the trauma is unknown to The Girl, and will likely emerge in an unknown time in her life. Most people are not aware when this happens, unless they can trace the current situation back to events that happened in The Girl archetype, it is likely that the person will feel that the event has no relation to earlier events. For this reason, it’s important that all people revisit the Girl archetype to familiarise themselves with their first home, the house of the innocence. 
The Girl archetype while is the initial archetype that all women begin in, it is also the archetype that most people return to throughout their life. They often feel there is a healing that needs to be resolved within this archetype. 


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