Are you ready to step into a loving relationship where you feel at home in its beauty, depth and sexual chemistry?

Are you wanting to express your sexual desires freely and fully with your beloved? 

Do you want to have an amazing connection with your body which creates and unleashes more of you into your world?  

If you answered yes, then the Eye of Enchantment is for you.

Expanding your journey of sensuality and healing is an ongoing process.  Cultivating your sensual nature should be second nature, but you may have lost touch with it or not yet fully cultivated it. You may be consumed with uncertainty, or not know 'how' you connect with your body in its most confident and sexual way.

This course will guide you gently into pleasurable practises, and embodiment that renew your spirit, restore your feminine centre, and up-level you into the radiance of your being. Returning home to your feminine power is no easy task however with the right guidance you will find fulfilment and expression.

In the eye of enchantment you will discover your full feminine power. Reclaiming what is yours, and what has always been yours. 

This 4-week live course will guide you gently into opening yourself up to your root wisdom, creating your own sexual and sensual pleasure practises, defining exactly how you want to express your sexuality, and understanding the archetypes to receive pleasure at every stage on your sexual path. 

Topics covered in this course:

How to return to your root wisdom
Womb healing 
Daily exercises to enhance your libido 
Jade egg, exercises to heal and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles 
Yoni healing 
Uncover your erotic identity blueprint
Expressing yourself sexually and in your business 
Uncover your sexual fantasies 
Learn the erotic identity archetypes 
Access more pleasure in day to day life

This course has four live online classes which guide you through your own awareness and potential as a woman. It offers the true essence of healing and expansion. Gifting you profound shifts not only sensually and sexually, but liberating you into your radiant self in all areas of your life. 

The call dates and times are as follows:
05 August 6:00pm-7:00pm 
12 August 6:00pm-7:00pm 
19 August 6:00pm-7:00pm 
26 August 6:00pm-7:00pm 

All calls in AEDT and are recorded and emailed with related notes after each call.


AN ONLINE COURSE THAT explores WOMANHOOD AND your sensual radiance


Sarah has been functioning within a coach, teacher and leadership role for fifteen years. A pioneer in the field of coaching, she commenced Coach School, training coaches on cognitive modalities within a coaching context. She holds a Bachelor of Laws, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practise, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Life Coaching, and Diploma in Career Coaching. Her experience and education gives her a sharpness and depth that is revolutionary. 

Dedicated to the politics of pleasure, Sarah is deeply rooted in the moral, legal, and individual constructs of pleasure and eroticism. 

Sarah has written for Huffington Post, Thought Catalogue, and The Elephant Journal, Sarah continues to share her knowledge in a wide range of mediums including on her Podcast: Pleasure Rising.

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