Erotic Eden is a 90 minute session in the space of your own sanctuary. You will join with Sarah online to submerge into your unique Erotic Identity Archetype. Sarah will summon the sovereignty that you can create within your sex, and pleasure life-style and elaborate on your current archetype to help you beckon greater pleasure by transcending to higher erotic archetypes. We collapse the timeline and assemble your erotic energy into your sex life, physical body, appearance, aesthetics and in your relationships. You will suspend your ego for the frequency of the session so that you can present your most prestigious, uncensored, and uninhibited self, and in-turn, Sarah will assist you in bringing in this new erotic energy in a tangible and intangible manner. 

As a result you will bring into your life, new energy in alignment with your higher erotic archetype and alchemise different results: firmer boundaries, flourishing finances, chemistry and connection, ecstatic sex, a life-style centred on pleasure. This is the next step for marvelling in a world that is expressively yours. 

Post session, you will be presented with a bespoke Erotic Identity Bible to which holds the keys for transcending to greater pleasure and presentation. 

The Erotic Identity Bible acts as your guiding star on your personalised: erotic clothing attire, instruments of pleasure, lifestyle changes for sexual liberation, your two erotic personalities you can tap into and harness (this is where your erotic power lies). Plus much more.

The cost for the Erotic Eden session and Erotic Identity Bible is $3000.

Booking your Erotic Eden session: Please book below. Sarah's business manager will email you within 24 hours of payment to provide subsequent details and to schedule your Erotic Eden call.

This is the magic elixir to welcome eroticism to your world, business, and to your legacy.