Erotic Eden is about taking seriously the parts of yourself that you deny. Those parts are your gateway to a timeless erotic elegance and energy. Within Erotic Eden Sarah will work with you to uncover your core eroticisms. Which, there are two. Those eroticisms are always hidden in the dark. Sarah will go with you into that darkness and bring those erotic codes, which are unique to you, to life.

Burning down your current sexual self, identity, and sex-life, you will learn how to enrich your life with what truly gives you pleasure, as set out by your erotic codes.

Not all pleasure is created equal, and this is why a lot of people never evolve sexually. Until you step fully into your erotic codes and burn down your old erotic identity you will never be free. Ever. If you think that the work of taking on your erotic codes is something you must embody, you are wrong. If you have to embody the energy it is not your energy.

Underlying your codes is the foundation of who you are. You are naturally a High Priestess of Paradise. She resides in: play, joy, freedom. She takes huge risks, and plays at a higher level. She is fierce in her truth. Sexually free. And holds an intimate relationship with the erotic. Her erotic image, creativity, ideas, and understanding of her sexuality does not conform to reality. After all, she knows, great sex has nothing to do with reality. She lives from her erotic, this energy spills over into her entire life and business. She knows there is no place that the erotic is not.

She is latent with talent and freely expresses that talent, bringing the inconceivable to the world. She becomes a magnet for the brilliant, beautiful and sensual elements of life. She is a sexual genius and her nature, is like no other.

Do you dare to embody boundary defying pleasure that is coded for you from your erotic identity?

The Erotic Eden session is a 90 minute session in the space of your own sanctuary. You will join with Sarah online to submerge into your unique Erotic Identity Archetype. Sarah will summon the sovereignty that you can create within your sex, and pleasure life-style and elaborate on your current archetype to help you beckon greater pleasure by transcending to higher erotic archetypes, namely into The High Priestess of Paradise.

Collapsing the timeline and assembling your erotic energy into your sex life, physical body, appearance, aesthetics and in your relationships. You will suspend your ego for the frequency of the session so that you can present your most prestigious, uncensored, and uninhibited self, and in-turn, Sarah will assist you in bringing in this new erotic energy in a tangible and intangible manner. 

As a result you will bring into your life, new energy in alignment with your higher erotic archetype and alchemise different results: firmer boundaries, flourishing finances, chemistry and connection, ecstatic sex, a life-style centred on pleasure. This is the next step for marvelling in a world that is expressively yours. 

Post session, you will be presented with a bespoke Erotic Identity Bible to which holds the keys for transcending to greater pleasure and presentation. 

The Erotic Identity Bible acts as your guiding star on your personalised: erotic clothing attire, instruments of pleasure, lifestyle changes for sexual liberation, your two erotic personalities you can tap into and harness (this is where your erotic power lies). 

The cost for the Erotic Eden session and Erotic Identity Bible is $3000. 

Booking your Erotic Eden session: Please book below. Sarah's business manager will email you within 24 hours of payment to provide subsequent details and to schedule your Erotic Eden call.

This is a time-limited offer and will not be available after 01 Sunday September 2019. 

This is the magic elixir to welcome eroticism to your world, business, and to your legacy.