erotic identity archetype:


Sarah Marie Liddle

Traditional archetype traits: Saboteur/ Magician  
Greek word for loving others: Eros.
Shadow Elements: Betrayal/ anger. 
Worldly element: Sexual. 
Love within her heart: Romantic.
Her healing potential is in: Appearance. 
Her potential is to become: An accepting teacher.  
She must learn to: To see the truth.
Her physical element: Body. 
Essential oil best suited to her: Sage. 

The House Of Appearance

She hold the power to transform her world from a very real emotional state. She is raging with emotions, ready for adventure. Ready for the life she decides to live. She lets much of The Girl archetype fall away to now evoke the archetype of The Dark Girl. Vicious in her vision, she is a potent and powerful manifester. Often disguising herself as The Dark Woman, she fights for what she wants and sacrifices whomever she can to now be seen as the person she wants to be seen as. She flirts her way to fleshing out the fantasy that she sees in her head. Often she can feel an extreme array of emotions, or thoughts within a very short period. This is because despite striving toward her goals and fantasies of her ideal life, she has leftover trauma, abuse, and emotions that she did not heal when she was in the space of The Girl. 

While The Girl is the seed of existence the Dark Girl would be said to be the seed of life, she now runs about her life trying to let in new people, circumstances, and opportunities to who once she was closed off from. She can be scattered, but she can also be persistent. Nothing will stop The Dark Girl getting her way, and now she knows exactly what that is. Her appearance, her social status, and relationship status are all very important to her. If she shares her life with her friends, that’s because she is the social leader of that group, or at worst the one who is the centre of the group. Despite making her life an expression of her desired appearance, she lacks the depth to breathe the life she really desires into her life. 

Thus, the items she gains, people she acquaints herself with, and successes she has are only short lived and do not truly fulfil her appetite. It is the appetite of her soul that is still trying to emerge and emerge it will, when she allows herself to be vulnerable enough to see the truth. Her truth, in its glory, in its ugliness, in its infancy. 

The Dark Girl is powerful when she inhabits both the truth, and her body. The Dark Girl, is often in a space of uncertainty, and has claimed this as her own. She strives on flavour, relationships that are a prolonged high, and at best she will stay with a partner for the full term of the ‘romantic’ stage of the relationship. The Dark Girl holds wisdom for the woman within her womb, but if she stays in the shadow aspects and never alchemises into the light of this archetype she will likely live a life that is bound up in drama, conflict, mischief, lies, and overacting. 

The Dark Girl is thirsty, often creeping around portraying one thing, while secretly desiring another. Always looking over the fence, she is seen as tough, but behind closed doors the full army of her emotions emerge. She is never alone though, as a friend is always close by for her to call. 


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