Coaching with Sarah Marie Liddle

Here you will find further information about working one on one with Sarah.


About Sarah

I am Sarah. I am so excited to have you land on my coaching page. 

I believe in deep beautiful daily pleasure. I believe that we can create a life and business of deep pleasure and ease. 

 I am bold, daring and sensual. 

My purpose is to help women live, love and create from their soul. 

But really, it is all about helping women to bring back their sensuality and sexuality back to their life: from bedroom to business.

Coaching package duration: 5 Months
What's Included:
- 60 Minute weekly coaching session (And session recordings)
- Unlimited email support
- Meditations
- Hand outs for homework.

Package includes the following coaching topics:
Sensual & slow pleasure mindset, creating a pleasure based lifestyle & business, personal pleasure - including self pleasure, releasing blocks through yoni massage, breast massage, working with a jade egg, womb clearing, orgasms and manifesting, and living boldly, sensually and confidently.

hey gorgeous!

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of love & return to pleasure?

Discover if high level support & coaching is right for you.

Slowing down into pleasure and getting in touch and moving with the feminine rhythms of ones self and ones body. You will learn to embrace the qualities of desire, rest, patience, wildness, connection, rage, chaos, intuition, vision, stillness, compassion, silence, trust, speaking our truth, honour your sexuality, rest, lust, grief, awakening, creativity, acting in harmony with your higher self, honouring all of life. 

We look at what is holding you back from living your best life, so you no longer need to carry around heartache, hurt, pain, and resentment. You’ll learn to live lighter, feel calm, and see the world differently. 

You will learn to accept a new way of loving the world and yourself. It will allow you to make choices from a place of faith instead of fear. You will act confidently, taking less steps but ensuring all steps are in alignment with your higher self.

We will work together for 5 months on the following items:
- Slow and sensual living
- Personal pleasure, including self pleasure, releasing blocks through yoni massage, breast massage, working with a jade egg, womb clearing.
- Enhancing and manifesting with your orgasms
- Living boldly and confidently. 

You’ll learn to walk a strong path both internally and externally, making space for yourself and time for your life. You will tap into pleasure in the now. 

We look at how you are showing up in your relationships and how you can strengthen and move through and perceived blocks with attracting your people, a lover or spiritual friends. 

You will: 

- Ditch the overwhelm and relax into creating pleasure and money, as a result you’ll be able to quit your job and transition into your coaching business. 

- Let go of fear, and follow your heart.

- You will step into self love, and become a liberated woman, capable of asking for what you desires and receiving it. 

- Embrace an entire lifestyle shift and completely embody it as the woman you desire to become.

- Becoming your most bold beautiful authentic self.


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