The ancient Greeks knew the benefits of longer sex ceremonies They dedicated temples to gods and goddess and abandoned themselves in orgy’s. The goal was to become one with themselves, lovers and the Gods. The planning and engaging of long sacred sex ceremonies stopped when the Christian era emerged.  So, what’s the deal with sex […]

The Six-Hour Sacred Sex Ceremony

Meet Rachel Braun Scherl, business builder, Vagipreneur® and author of Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Health and Wellness. In this podcast episode, I chat with her on the landscape of building a business within the sexual health and wellness field. Rachel sheds light on the types of leaders that are working […]

Orgasmic Leadership

This amazing & easy exercise will boost your libido & tone your booty!

This amazing & easy exercise will boost your libido & tone your body

Listen To Episode 47 Topics of Discussion In this episode Sarah talks with Luna Dietrich (she/her), aka Pussy Witch, about her eco-sexuality journey. Luna opens up about her sexual experiences and what lead her to the path of sexuality and opened her up to her relationship with the earth, including marrying the earth. She gives […]

047 – Take The Earth As Your Lover: Eco Sexuality

Listen To Episode 45 Topics of Discussion Dave is passionate about who men are behind closed doors, when he is not empowering men he is surfing or spending time with friends. Dave initially discusses how he lost his virginity at twenty-eight years old and set out on a course to learn tantra and sexuality. He […]

045 – Masculine Energy & Empowerment

Topics Of Discussion Rachael Maddox shares how one goes about healing sexual trauma. Rachael shares with us her story which encompasses trauma, how it revealed itself to her in her life, sexuality and in her body. She shares reflective questions to help you tend to your trauma slowly and safely, and some simple yet empowering […]

44 – Recognising & Healing Sexual Trauma

Topics Of Discussion In this episode of Pleasure Rising, Sarah talks with Ev’Yan Whitney about her personal life. Ev’Yan shares who she is behind closed doors; including her self care practises and early sexual narratives that shaped her sex life with her husband. They then discuss how those narratives shaped Ev’Yan’s relationship and eventually how it […]

43 – Open Relationships & Standing Up For Your Sexuality

Topics Of Discussion This episode Keri speaks about how she honours her self-care on a daily basis. Kerri discusses how we can start to prioritise our self-care. She then discusses the importance of boundaries and how we can strategically set boundaries that we honour. We then dive into the heart of the conversation in which […]

42 – Improve Your Sex Life With The Five Elements / Keri Krieger

The Witch-Slut Hunt Of 2018- 2019

They ask you: When you’re getting married. When you’re having children. When you’re getting a job. When you’re leaving the job. When you’re cutting your hair. When you’re dying it a ‘natural’ colour. Why do you have so many tattoos, make-up, clothes, crystals. They ask you while implying you need to change. They ask you […]

The Witch-Slut Hunt Of 2018- 2019

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