The ancient Greeks knew the benefits of longer sex ceremonies They dedicated temples to gods and goddess and abandoned themselves in orgy’s. The goal was to become one with themselves, lovers and the Gods. The planning and engaging of long sacred sex ceremonies stopped when the Christian era emerged.  So, what’s the deal with sex […]

The Six-Hour Sacred Sex Ceremony

  On this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah speaks with Elise Carr on the topic of truth. She shares the importance of bringing spiritual principles to life and how we can bring our spiritual practises and integrate them in our life using our willpower and courage. She discuses her belief that the world […]

Liberating The World With Your Truth With Elise Carr

I feel there is an incandescent entrance of life awakening here at this time, as we approach Beltane on 31 October here in the Southern Hemisphere. The world of Beltane was known as a fire festival, bringing fertility and love upon the earth. This time of the year reminds me of the connection that we […]

06 Ways To Relish In Beautiful Beltane