Can Masturbation Be Spiritual? Sacred Masturbation Practises

In this video I share with you what happened when I stopped drinking coffee and starting having cervical orgasms instead. I’m also going to share with you the different types of oragsms that a woman can have, and how to reach them. 

I grew up masturbating in the closet, kissing and playing with my girlfriends under my bed sheets. It was so much fun but always something done in secret, and something I was ashamed of since my family never spoke openly about it. 

Fast forward to when I was older, around 20 years old, I became addicted to clit orgasms. Having 5 plus a day. But I always felt drained from having them. It was like I was super hungry and would go to McDonanlds, it felt good at the time but left me feeling so unfulfilled. 

Then I reached mid twenties and started exploring further my sexually. I wanted to feel more and I didn’t want to feel drained as I worked my ass off. 
So, I started exploring with different kinds of orgasms, and found that the g-spot and cervical orgasms which left me energised, and feeling great in my body.

Watch my latest episode to learn how I tapped into the power of orgasms to feel good, boost my energy and tap into my connection to my higher self.

I would love to hear from you. Share below what your biggest take-away from this episode is.

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Can Masturbation Be Spiritual? Sacred Masturbation Practises

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