Meet Diana Winston. Diana is the Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). She is the author of The Little Book of Being and the co-author of Fully Present: The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness. In this episode, I chat with Diana on how you can find peace in yourself. […]

Mindful Living, Sex & Relationships

The ancient Greeks knew the benefits of longer sex ceremonies They dedicated temples to gods and goddess and abandoned themselves in orgy’s. The goal was to become one with themselves, lovers and the Gods. The planning and engaging of long sacred sex ceremonies stopped when the Christian era emerged.  So, what’s the deal with sex […]

The Six-Hour Sacred Sex Ceremony

In this episode I divulge into the factors and influences that are currently shaping my sex life, the role being a mother is playing on my pleasure; and the cyclical natures within relationships. Providing you with ideas and information to help you better your relationship and sex life. With resources, books, and guidance, I invite […]

Inside My Sex Life

Meet Rachel Braun Scherl, business builder, Vagipreneur® and author of Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women’s Health and Wellness. In this podcast episode, I chat with her on the landscape of building a business within the sexual health and wellness field. Rachel sheds light on the types of leaders that are working […]

Orgasmic Leadership

On Episode 62 of the Pleasure Rising Podcast, I talk with Dr. Valerie Rein Psychologist and Author of Patriarchy Stress Disorder. Dr. Valerie is a pioneer in the field of a science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfilment by healing the collective, inherited trauma of oppression. She points out how […]

Patriarchy Stress Disorder