EPISODE 033 | PLEASURE RISING PODCAST In this episode we discuss: Barbara Carellas talks about how she developed the Urban Tantra, a life coaching approach to achieve sacred sexuality in life. Starting by sharing her upbringing which was rooted in a traditional Catholic family which was living in the Great Depression, she was taught not […]

EPISODE 032 | PLEASURE RISING PODCAST   In this episode we discuss: Juliet Allen, a sexologist and sexuality coach, has made a straightforward fresh approach to sex and lifestyle She is often seen as having a strong personality, but in this episode, she confesses that she also enjoys having some solitude, and being a dynamic […]

  Pleasure is something that is not just found in certain areas or certain times of our life but it is found in every area of our life and in every moment. I have seen from my own life and work, that people think pleasure is something you acquire or achieve but pleasure is something […]

EPISODE 031 | PLEASURE RISING PODCAST In this episode we discuss: At the start of this podcast, Vienda Maria is sharing about her shift in her perspective towards life.   Raised by two grandmothers who had an old fashioned and traditional way of life, she was educated with little education about sex and sexuality. It […]

Pleasure is something I teach and practise in my own life. It is not just the energy of sexual pleasure that I teach and share but also invoking pleasure in all areas of our life. When our life is enjoyable in the present, that is when we are happiest and magnetic – attracting even more of the […]

EPISODE 030 | PLEASURE RISING PODCAST In this episode we discuss: In this podcast, Stephanie Bellinger is sharing about her journey becoming a coach.   She started by telling her past experiences of how she was overweight, depressed and the abusive relationship that she experienced when she was between the ages of 14-20. When she […]

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would share something a little different. I love Valentine’s Day, and Halloween but I don’t love the consumerism involved so these 10 fun and unusual date ideas are great alternatives to chocolate, roses and wine!                 Have some […]

EPISODE 029 | PLEASURE RISING PODCAST     ABOUT CELESTE: Dr. Celeste Holbrook is a sexologist, speaker and boot-wearin’ Texan who has dedicated her life to helping women achieve soul-centered sex through perfectly planned mental and behavioral changes. Thousands of women have re-mastered their relationships by following the four step process of sexual renovation created […]

Episode 028 | Pleasure Rising Podcast   Radhaa’s Story: In this podcast, Radhaa is sharing about the transformative experiences that she has been through in her life. She starts by narrating her childhood and teenage years, when her mindset about women beauty standard back then was about outward appearance, particularly in having big breasts. Her […]

When I first heard of yoni eggs (I was like OMG – I have to have one!) I was instantly drawn to these crystal eggs.  A little background info: Yoni eggs are crystals carved and shaped into the physical form of an egg. They come in various types of crystals including Jade, Rose and Clear […]