In Episode 71 of The Pleasure Rising Podcast I am exploring Sex, Stress and The Shadow Self. I am discussing the profound effects that a few simple changes can have on our lives and relationships. I open up about my go-to techniques to stay centered, and connected to my pleasure. How do we enjoy and […]

sex, stress & the shadow self

How can we cultivate love during challenging times? In this episode, Sarah speaks with Betony Vernon, designer, sexual anthropologist and author based in Paris. The conversation is in light of Covid-19, it imbues a calm serene way to navigate your day-to-day life, love and relationships. This episode is an invitation to connect to your heart […]

heart centered with betony vernon

The conversation explores a new terrain of depression, fearlessly evoking new ideas and characteristics of what depression can look like and how it can be visible to you but you may not be fully aware and see it with clarity until you recognise the signs. In this episode, Sarah speaks with Dr. Margaret Rutherford on what “perfectly hidden […]

Hidden Depression

Within this episode I speak with Alice Little, Alice is America’s most successful legal sex worker. She discusses how she chose sex work as her career path, and the journey she undertook to get started in the industry. This conversation is such a warm and welcoming conversation for anyone interested in people, sex work as […]

Sex Work

For me personally this topic is really sensitive, but an important one. There are so many challenges around this topic and it is not a topic that is spoken about freely. I wanted to bring Naomi Woolfson onto the podcast to discuss the challenges that people face when they go on their fertility journey. Naomi […]

Coping With Infertility