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  Sexual energy is not just energy that we spit out into the universe with an orgasmic sneeze.  It’s powerful energy that can be used to: Transform your spiritual relationship, Manifest money, a lover and even a baby, Heal fragmented and disowned parts of yourself, and  Transform your vibe, from sluggish to high vibe. But […]

Activate Your Sexual Energy With Taoist Sexual Practises

A few years ago I would have laughed if someone said to me that I didn’t need a business coach but I needed a sex coach.  I was so in my head, trying, striving, hoping.  I didn’t realise that what I actually needed back then was a sex coach.  I believe, all of your sexual […]

Reconnect To Your Vagina: Exquisite Self Pleasure Practises & Exercises

This amazing & easy exercise will boost your libido & tone your booty!

This amazing & easy exercise will boost your libido & tone your body

Listen To Episode 50 In this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah shares her top five sex/ self-love and healing books that she has read over the last six months.  She opens up about her favourite sex toy, the amethyst crystal pleasure wand and lets you in on the exercise she has been practising […]

My Favourite Sex Books, Toys, & Exercises For Better Sex

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning on a high without caffeine, you forget to check your phone, instead dive into your meditation practise before downing your first green smoothie of the day. Before you settle into your work, you get a creative idea that you know your customers are going to love. Infused […]

A Self Pleasure Practise For Deeper More Intense Orgasms

Listen To Episode 49   In this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah chats with Michaela Boehm about her book ‘The Wild Woman’s Way’.  They discuss topics such as embodiment, relaxation, sensitisation, release  and dive into such questions as:  How embodiment affects our intimate relationships.  How we know when we are disembodied  or dissociated. […]

The Wild Woman’s Way With Michaela Boehm

What’s holding you back from attracting Mr Right? This is going to sound so stupid when you hear it, but I guarantee you if you do this one thing your world will change and the man of your dreams will appear and want you.

Before you dive in, grab a cup of coffee and sink into the couch. This is going to be juicy!

How To Immediately Make Him Want You: Get A Man To Chase & Obsess Over You

Listen To Episode 48 In this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah shares tips on how to love your yoni/ breasts and nourish the relationship that you have with your them and your body.  You will learn: How to unconditionally love your yoni and breasts.  My breasts massage technique (to lift and tone). You […]

048 – Love Your Pussy & Your Breasts

Listen To Episode 47 Topics of Discussion In this episode Sarah talks with Luna Dietrich (she/her), aka Pussy Witch, about her eco-sexuality journey. Luna opens up about her sexual experiences and what lead her to the path of sexuality and opened her up to her relationship with the earth, including marrying the earth. She gives […]

047 – Take The Earth As Your Lover: Eco Sexuality

Listen To Episode 45 Topics of Discussion Dave is passionate about who men are behind closed doors, when he is not empowering men he is surfing or spending time with friends. Dave initially discusses how he lost his virginity at twenty-eight years old and set out on a course to learn tantra and sexuality. He […]

045 – Masculine Energy & Empowerment