When I was sick with my breast implant illness I worked deeply on my heart chakra. I did this not just because I was not showing my breasts attention but because I realised about this time how neglected my heart chakra was.  Located at the centre of the chest the heart chakra supports the cardiac […]

  Goddess Quan Yin has personally helped me to learn how to release deep resentment, to have more forgiveness and compassion for myself and others. She also can assist in creating energetic boundaries, a sacred container, and the difference between taking on other people’s stuff and having compassion.   This incredible Goddess can be a […]

Self pleasure is one experience that is most beautiful when it is done slowly. For many, self pleasure aka masturbation is predominately about the release, the orgasm, but when we make it all about the orgasm we can loose the depth and connection that emerges when we slow it right down and savour the experience. […]

The chaos that emerged began late 2017 and came forward when Goddess Kali entered my life, changing it to such a degree I could never have imagined. In 2018 I went to therapy, hired a coach, healed my body after breast implant illness, released and forgave toxic friends and said goodbye to unsuitable clients. Despite […]

They ask you: When you’re getting married. When you’re having children. When you’re getting a job. When you’re leaving the job. When you’re cutting your hair. When you’re dying it a ‘natural’ colour. Why do you have so many tattoos, make-up, clothes, crystals. They ask you while implying you need to change. They ask you […]

These are powerful journal prompts you can do at any time of the year, particularly they can be especially transformative when they are done at the end of the year. Beauty * Where did I let things get out of and with my body? * Did I take up space and fully ask for what […]