06 Ways To Relish In Beautiful Beltane

I feel there is an incandescent entrance of life awakening here at this time, as we approach Beltane on 31 October here in the Southern Hemisphere. The world of Beltane was known as a fire festival, bringing fertility and love upon the earth.

This time of the year reminds me of the connection that we have with our ancestors and with the earth. By carrying my son in my womb I was reminded of how my mother carried me in hers, and how hers carried her, and so it goes. There is an entrance and portal within a woman’s womb which gives space for life to rise. This womb carry’s the space for all of life to unfold, it is in the womb that we also hold the connection to what is and what was. Through the womb we are gifted life, but the woman’s womb is not always open to birthing new life but ceases as she enters her Crone years.

Right now in Beltane I am present to my womb and the kindred role my body has with the wild nature of this festival season. I am present to the fertility that it holds, not just for new physical life, conjointly also for the agent of birthing new projects and possibilities into the world. Beltane is the perfect time to breathe new passion projects to life

On the oppisite side of the wheel of the year sits Samhain to which my friends in the Northern Hemisphere are now celebrating. Beltane references life, love and fertility, while Samhain is attribuited to death and the space of the void.

The origional May Day, was celebrated by the May Queen and King in which the fire festival (bel-tan, refering to ‘good fire’), was conducted bringing fertility to the soil of the earth. The Maypole is seen as a fertility symbol. It is refered to for its ability to bring fertillty and new growth. Beltane is also known as May Eve. During Beltane the weather is warm and the spirit of nature feels like summer. Earth is blooming with life once more, a feeling of rapture infuses the air. While the veil is at its thinniest, now is a perfect time for magic. Celebrating this holiday with dancing, pleasure and enjoying delicious meals, which all open a person up to the invocation of this festival.

In preparation for Beltaine I find myself cleaning the house, clearing my altar, and buying more indoor plants. Bringing fresh flowers, new indoor plants and green candles and other aesthetic that entices my mind with the flavousome feeling of growth and love is also beneficial.

Including the element of fire in your rituals and festival activities can aid in the authentic ancient way to celebrate this festival.

06 Rituals to celebrate beautiful Beltane.

01. Harmonise your feminine and masculine energy

This spirit of this holiday makes it a perfect time to harmonise the Animus and anima, masculine and feminine energies that one has. If you find yourself more in your feminine energy, try balancing it with masculine actions and behaviours such as asserting yourself and taking charge of a particular situation that you feel called to direct. You may even begin by asserting to your partner what you want to watch on television or which restaurant you want to go to. If you are mostly in masculine energy, bring yourself into your anima with nurturing self-care actions that connect you to your body in a gentle and slow manner. Taking a long hot bath, practis mindfulness and being thoughtful of those around you will assist in deepening your connection to your feminine energy.

02. Create May baskets

Filling a cane basket with fresh flowers from your garden, and taking the time to make some delicious homemade sweets is a wonderful way to bring a welcoming presence to your home. Leave the baskets anonymously at your door for visitors to enjoy.

03. Create a Beltane altar

Create your Beltane altar with beautiful green fabrics, decorating it with lilac, May blossoms, fresh flowers and branches.

04. Create a flower crown

Craft a flower crown. Ivy can be worn on the head and a beautiful decoration to your crown, alternatively use whatever flowers you feel called to which are in bloom.

05. Birth a new (or old) dream

Give birth to a new project or dream you’ve always wanted to pursue. Make the time and space to claim what you want to bring into your life, and how you will make it happen. Writing your dream on a piece of paper, once finished take the paper and place in a wish box with any other special items such as crystals, flowers, and symbols that you feel will all infuse your dream with positive affirming energy. Then take the box and either place it in your garden (you can burry it) or leave it visible, or place your wish box on your wind ledge.

06. Celebrate outdoors

If you can, celebrate Beltane outdoors, you may even want to create an outdoor altar. There is no better time to honour the fairy folk that may be living in your garden. The charm of creating an outdoor altar is preferable, however if that is not possible to you, you may want to bring some pot plants inside, or purchase some new indoor plants for the festival. In the outdoor space that you create you can feast, dance and sing.

Beltane herbs, flowers and trees for magical work:

Roses, Ivy, Frankincense, Myrtle, Willow.

Enjoying Beltane is about life, love and the flourishing of our soul. If you feel called, take some days of and rest, relish in this beautiful festive season. Enrich your soul, your body and mind with pleasure. If you’re interested in exploring how to apply the principles of Beltane to your life, and connect even deeper to your body and sensuality through pleasure then I’d be delighted to serve you in my course Spacious Alignment For Soft Expansion. Let us awaken to a much more potent and richer experience of life in the coming months as we unfold into a new season, and renewed person.

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06 Ways To Relish In Beautiful Beltane

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