Taking a rug outside, a good book and sitting on the grass always delights my heart. So does feeling connected with my husband, and having conversations about space with my son. 

There are so many people who have helped me on my journey. Each one has left an imprint on my soul, and helped me with my sense of belonging in the world. Then there are my books, now I'm getting all nerdy on ya'll. The path of the Priestess is a bit like that, you're usually all in. For me my path to becoming a better person started at 19 years old.

If I could dream up an amazing life for myself, this would be it. 

Lavender oil is my favourite, and amethyst crystal is my go-to, if I could get more tattoo's I would, I probably will. 

sarah marie liddle
archetype alchemist

Sarah Marie Liddle is a sensual wellness advocate, writer, erotic identity alchemist, teacher and pleasure advocate. She is the creator of the Erotic Identity Archetypes, archetypes that unite you with your truth and freedom. The archetypes help you to flourish in all areas of your life, from relationships to career. Sarah's work includes private sessions, online programs, and books. 

Sarah has been functioning within a coach, teacher and leadership role for fifteen years. A pioneer in the field of coaching, she commenced Coach School, training coaches on cognitive modalities within a coaching context. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practise, Bachelor of Laws, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Life Coaching, and Diploma in Career Coaching, Body Ecology Certificate 1 & 2, and Reiki Masters. Her experience and education gives her a sharpness and depth. 

Dedicated to the politics of pleasure, Sarah is deeply rooted in the moral, legal, and individual constructs of pleasure. 

Sarah is available for online speaking and podcast engagements. Her most popular speaking topics include: 
The Five Erotic Identity Archetypes.
The High Priestess of Paradise.

Should you wish to hire Sarah for a speaking engagement, or wish to interview her on your podcast, please email hello@sarahmarieliddle.com