Activate Your Sexual Energy With Taoist Sexual Practises


Sexual energy is not just energy that we spit out into the universe with an orgasmic sneeze. 

It’s powerful energy that can be used to:

  • Transform your spiritual relationship,
  • Manifest money, a lover and even a baby,
  • Heal fragmented and disowned parts of yourself, and 
  • Transform your vibe, from sluggish to high vibe.

But here’s the thing I’ve found. When I f*cked just for the relief, it felt so unfulfilling.

I would have 20+ clitoral orgasms easy in the space of 20 minutes, I don’t say that to brag, it’s not brag worthy in my books, I share this because I was addicted to the rush of this instant gratification. I was addicted to clitoral orgasms. 

I was having the time of my life, I was rich, happy and f*cking frequently and often with partners but I was not in-tune with my sexual energy, and I was not fulfilled.

We live in a society addicted to instant gratification.

Become an expert overnight.
Make six figures in six days.
Buy the moisturiser and you’ll have visibly reduced lines in just 24 hours.

But more doesn’t equal more happiness… or more wealth.

And more sex doesn’t equal soul-gasmic heart-expanding, energy-enhancing sex.

I believe sex doesn’t have to deplete you and sex is not about orgasming.

It is about connecting with yourself and gathering your energy to revitalise you instead of dispense and deplete you.

Activate Your Sexual Energy With These Taoist Sexual Practises.

Watch this episode of The Pleasure Rising Show to learn how to connect to your sexuality from a centred and expansive manner.
These practises will guide you into slow pleasure, a deeper connection with your body, and expand your capacity to harness greater sexual energy. 

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Activate Your Sexual Energy With Taoist Sexual Practises

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