A Self Pleasure Practise For Deeper More Intense Orgasms

Imagine jumping out of bed in the morning on a high without caffeine, you forget to check your phone, instead dive into your meditation practise before downing your first green smoothie of the day. Before you settle into your work, you get a creative idea that you know your customers are going to love. Infused with energy you feel unstoppable and unapologetically you. 

You start your day on a high, and end on a high. – No caffeine, chocolate or drugs required. 

This practise and tips are the exact practise I live by. I don’t drink coffee and have an endless stream of energy that I poor into my business, creative projects and relationships.

My secret? No it’s not Pantene.. or Maybelline. 😄

It’s self pleasure.

Try having a sex date with yourself, and infuse your sexual energy in your body. Not just sometimes, but all the time. Your life explodes when you do! 

Let me guide you through how to use sexual energy to help you feel more connected to your body, aroused and turned on and ready to step into your fullest potential.

This episode of the Pleasure Rising Show will guide you through the hottest self pleasure tips you will EVER find.

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A Self Pleasure Practise For Deeper More Intense Orgasms

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