A guide to orgasms & female ejaculation with Isiah McKimmie

Want to know where exactly the g-spot is, how to find it and the best sex positions to harness a G-spot orgasm? In this episode of the Pleasure Rising Podcast Sarah speaks with Isiah McKimmie on the different orgasms that a woman can have, and in particular dive into the details of the G-Spot and female ejaculation.

About Isiah McKimmie `

Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Tantra Teacher. Isiah is all about creating loving relationships, deep intimacy and wholehearted sex.

One of the most qualified Sex and Relationship Experts in Australia.

Her qualifications include a Masters Degree in Relational Psychotherapy, a Masters Degree in Science of Medicine (Sexual Health/Psychosexual Therapy), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sexology and she has studied at the prestigious Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality.

Isiah has been supporting individuals and couples for over a decade. She brings together evidence-based psychotherapeutic practice with the beautiful sensual/spiritual teachings of Tantra. 

She believes it’s important to encourage open conversations about sex and shares practical tools for relationships and sex.  She has a special talent for helping couples reconnect and reignite intimacy.

She’s also passionate about sex education. She loves helping women get in touch with their sensuality and feel comfortable and confident about sex. 

Isiah is host of Wholehearted: Love, Sex + Intimacy Podcast and has a regular Sex Advice Column, Relationship Rehab on

To find out more, check out her website, or follow her on Insta or facebook.

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A guide to orgasms & female ejaculation with Isiah McKimmie

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