44 – Recognising & Healing Sexual Trauma

Topics Of Discussion

Rachael Maddox shares how one goes about healing sexual trauma. Rachael shares with us her story which encompasses trauma, how it revealed itself to her in her life, sexuality and in her body. She shares reflective questions to help you tend to your trauma slowly and safely, and some simple yet empowering places to start in order to make space for you to move through the core wounds and into a place of health, vitality, trust and love.

Exploring Trauma

Rachael discusses a first small step. Which is to listen to your intuition.
She then elaborates on how to move forward when you are in a deep place of shut-down. Deepening on this, she speaks about a core part of you that has yet to be honoured. Further to this, she offers pieces of advice to assist you in feeling safe, and then thrive.

She then discusses how we know when we are making changes in our healing. Giving reference to the fact that we can pause more amongst old ways and triggers.

Rachael then discusses how her life has changed as a result of her healing path.

Pleasure Rising Questions

Rachaels answers to our PR Questions:

Favourite sex toy —. Rose Quartz Wand

Listening to – Hebrew music

Reading — The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, Charles Eisenstein

Last thing she googled — How to break up with a friend.

If she had a cocktail named after her it would be called — Wild cosmic channel


Rachael Maddox is a trauma resolution educator, coach and guide who’s helped hundreds of humans move from sexual, complex or developmental trauma into pleasure, power and trust-filled relationships. 

Author of Secret Bad Girl: a sexual trauma memoir and resolution guide, and the upcoming book ReBloom: a soulful system for post-traumatic growth in sex, love and society – Rachael uses stories and metaphor to weave together healing methods that are accessible, safe, fun and effective. 

Known as a leader in the industry, Rachael teaches and mentors other coaches, healers and therapists who are devoted to trauma-informed, radically inclusive, pleasure-positive approaches to changing lives and culture.


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44 – Recognising & Healing Sexual Trauma

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