42 – Improve Your Sex Life With The Five Elements / Keri Krieger

Topics Of Discussion

This episode Keri speaks about how she honours her self-care on a daily basis. Kerri discusses how we can start to prioritise our self-care. She then discusses the importance of boundaries and how we can strategically set boundaries that we honour. We then dive into the heart of the conversation in which Kerri guides us through the five elements, and how they relate to our life and in particulary our sex life. She discusses how they show up sexually and evolve and change with the seasons.

Self Care And Boundaries

Kerri discusses her circle method in order to list and define where we would like our time to go. With her circle method, we can refer to the circles in order to determine what our highest priorities are, even in times of stress. Kerri explores how we can create healthy pathways internally to create healthy boundaries externally. Exploring how boundaries can be hard initially but provide growth. Further to the conversation, we then explore the context of boundaries in the bedroom.

The Five Elements

Kerri discusses how the five elements: earth, wood, air, fire, water show up in our intimate life. Kerri shares how we have a dominant constitution, someone may be predominantly more water as an example than the other elements. She shares how our unique constitution will be affected with each season.

Pleasure Rising Questions

Kerri’s answers to our three PR Questions:

Favourite sex toy —. She is having a sex toy break at the moment. Working on her existing pleasure within her body.

Listening to — Maggie Rogers & Florence and the Machine.

Reading — Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and The Unexpected Joy Of Being Single, Catherine Gray.


Kerri helps women to find clarity, creativity and personal power through alchemical coaching. She offers the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, her intuitive methods, and proven clinical techniques so the seeker can experience the benefits of a thriving life.


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42 – Improve Your Sex Life With The Five Elements / Keri Krieger

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