40 – Healing The Divine Masculine with Eyal Matsliah

Topics of discussion

His early sexual beginnings and how the information given to him shaped his formative years. We then made the transition and discussed how he eventuated into becoming a leading figure in helping people heal sexually, and how he embodied his masculinity in a healthy manner. We got into the depth of the conversation and spoke about how a woman can approach, and work with their male partners on their sexual healing journey. We finished the conversation off by talking about the importance of raising sexually healthy children.

Sexual Healing Together

We discuss how to get your partner involved in the sexual healing journey and spirituality with you. Including, do’s and dont’s of approaching your partner. 

Eyal mentions ‘patience’ as a cornerstone to good communication with ones partner, because there is a difference in our energy it is often difficult for men to receive direction from someone else. He also mentions the importance of women doing their sexual healing work first. Whatever a woman expects from her man she must attempt and try first. When you come to your partner from this place of fullness and wisdom, you come from a place of strength and confidence in your enquiry about bettering your sex life together.

We then discuss what to do when a man is resistant in growing sexually with you and why your man may be in denial when it comes to their sexual evolution and expansion.

Finally, Eyal shares with us the importance of educating our children, both indirectly and directly on the subject matter of sex and sexuality.

Pleasure Rising Questions

Eyal’s answers to our three PR Questions:

Favourite sex toy — Hands.

Listening to — Soundcloud.

Reading — Pattern Recognition , William Gibson and Essentialism Greg Mckeown


Eyal Matsliah is a Tantric life coach and transformation guide. He helps holistic fempreneurs to unleash their full potential in love, life, & biz.

Instagram: @intimatepower

You can also view Eyal’s new course Awakening Female Pleasure here.

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40 – Healing The Divine Masculine with Eyal Matsliah

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