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10 Fun and Unusual Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (And Any Other Day)

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I would share something a little different.

10 Fun & Unusual Valentine’s Day Ideas to celebrate the one you love (without buying into the whole consumerism thing).

I love Valentine’s Day, and Halloween but I don’t love the consumerism involved so these 10 fun and unusual date ideas are great alternatives to chocolate, roses and wine!

Idea One. Go around your town and leave love notes on peoples car. Bring a picnic and enjoy it while you watch people read their love notes.

Idea Two. Dress up as super heros and do normal things like eat dinner at a restaurant, have a drink, and hold hands.


Idea Three. Book a flight to a surprise destination. Pack nothing.


Idea Four. Write poems together and then place them inside your favourite books at your local bookstore.


Idea Five. Go to dinner dressed up and pretend to be completely different people with different personalities, names and jobs.

Idea Six. Have sex wearing those same superhero costumes you were wearing in point 2.


Idea Seven: Have a night picnic – Go somewhere in your city where it’s lit up and you can see. Enjoy a night picnic with your favourite foods, and poetry.

Idea 8. Watch a porn movie that you’ve never seen before, put it on mute and improvise the dialogue with your partner.


Idea Nine: Have sex somewhere private in a hotel, where you haven’t stayed or aren’t intending on staying.


Idea 10. Drive to the beach throughout the night, just before sunrise, and watch the sunrise together dressed up in kinky clothing.



Have some other quirky and fun ideas? Share them in the comments below!






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10 Fun and Unusual Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (And Any Other Day)

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