047 – Take The Earth As Your Lover: Eco Sexuality

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In this episode Sarah talks with Luna Dietrich (she/her), aka Pussy Witch, about her eco-sexuality journey. Luna opens up about her sexual experiences and what lead her to the path of sexuality and opened her up to her relationship with the earth, including marrying the earth. She gives tips on how a person can begin to eco-sexual and how a person can incorporate it into their sex life. In this conversation you will learn to see yourself, pleasure, and sex in a new way.

Pleasure Rising Questions

Luna’s answers to our PR Questions:

Favourite sex toy — She is really into flogging at the moment.

Listening to — Ramsey

Reading — Unscrewed: Women, Sex, Power, and How to Stop Letting the System Screw, Jaclyn Friedman + How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life, Catherine Price

The last thing she googled — Gender affirmed

If she had a cocktail named after her it would be called — Pussy Witch


Luna Dietrich (she/her), aka Pussy Witch, is a pleasure centred Sex Educator who loves helping people love their sexuality. Why? Because your sexuality is important, completely unique to you and loving it can help fill your WHOLE LIFE with more confidence and meaning. From being slut shamed as a teen to losing ALL desire for sex in college.

Luna’s been through an emotional cauldron of sexual challenges. It wasn’t until she learned how to receive that she realized her sexuality was a thing to enjoy, rather than something to just give away. Since her pleasurable revelations, she has studied with many different teachers on the subject of body positivity, vulnerability, communication, social justice, sexual energetics, consent, and Eco sexuality.

From her personal cosmic orgasms to her ever expanding education, she has found her deepest passion in supporting other humans embrace their bodies, their sexuality, and their life. You can usually find her playing with plants, dancing in 6 inch heels, or buried in a book about sex and social justice.

Instagram: @pusssywitch

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047 – Take The Earth As Your Lover: Eco Sexuality

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