045 – Masculine Energy & Empowerment

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Dave is passionate about who men are behind closed doors, when he is not empowering men he is surfing or spending time with friends.

Dave initially discusses how he lost his virginity at twenty-eight years old and set out on a course to learn tantra and sexuality. He discusses traits/ habits for healthy masculinity, and concludes with three rules for great sex and better communication. 

Developing Healthy Masculinity 

Dave shares how he developed his healthy masculinity through the influence of coaches, mentors and books. His learnings and teaching assisted him to creating five habits for healthy masculinity. He then discusses the five habits for developing healthy masculinity, whether you are a man or woman, detailing the practical essence of these habits; including how they can transform your life and sex life. 

1. Presence

He believes that healthy masculinity is fundamentally about presence. And elaborates on how a man can live a life of presence.

2. Integrity 

His second habit is integrity, which includes how a man can be honest and live within integrity. 

3. Purpose 

He discusses the importance of purpose. Discussing that when a man is on purpose he is connected to his healthy masculinity. 

4. Vulnerability 

A man should be in touch with his feelings, this is important, not just for himself but for others. He encourages the language of feeling, in groups or with coaches and therapists. 

5. Confidence 

He puts a particular focus on sexual focus, but this encompasses all areas of ones life. He shares the importance that it is okay to express your sexual attraction, but to do so in a healthy manner. 

Dave concludes with three rules for great sex and better communication.

Pleasure Rising Questions

Dave’s answers to our PR Questions:

Favourite sex toy —. Hitachi Magic Wand

Listening to – The Human Experience Radio Channel 

Reading — Shift Your Mind, Shift the World Steve Chandler 


Dave is a Masculine Empowerment Coach with a passion for helping men be more confident and successful with women. His personal story is one of growing up with sexual repression, which led to Dave being in a real mess for a while in his sexuality and in the way he was relating to women. His struggles drew him to question the traditional models of masculinity he’d grown up with, and to embrace a healthier model that championed men being vulnerable and 100% authentic. Dave leads The Empowered Man and works with select private clients both in Australia and internationally.


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045 – Masculine Energy & Empowerment

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