035 – Leaning into your body after disappointment and hurt with Jenna Ward



In this episode we discuss:

This episode brings up the opportunity for 
Jenna Ward to talk about her life journey that led her into becoming a woman full of empowerment and embodiment as she is now.

At first, Jenna shares her favourite skincare, which is locally made pink clay mask that she uses on her face. Nurturing her body is something that seems unlikely for her at first, as she came from a hardworking family that only sees a persons body merely as tools of working. She was raised to believe that the body has no further needs beyond fulfilling its purpose of performing. This belief led to her becoming disconnected from her body and feelings. She then started to unravel this belief when she realized that her body was trying to tell her that something was not right with her habits. She was struggling with many body symptoms such as adult acne, recurring UTIs, and she was yearning for more intimacy in her life. The struggle introduced her to listen to her body and to embrace her sensitivity more. Jenna believes that everyone has a wide spectrum of sensation in themselves.

This spectrum consists of pleasure in one end, and confusion or doubt in other end. Majority of people believe that in order to be happy, they need to only give into the pleasure aspect while believing that any confusion or distant feeling is a problem that needs to be fixed. Using mother nature as a metaphor, Jenna depicts that one aspect is not particularly better than the other. She believes that embracing the confusion and hurt is also important as it allows people to create more capacity and depth within themselves to open up more and make them able to move through the experience. 

 Jenna describes her techniques and philosophy as acknowledgment and empowerment of her feminine gifts. For women who also want to connect to their bodies, she shares her practise in listening to her energy and acknowledging where it goes with her thoughts, whether it is trying to move forward into any solution. Instead of running away from the thoughts, Jenna reminds us to simply take a moment to sit down and allow our heart to feel the particular struggle.



Key Points:

Body narratives that shaped her life. 

– Came from hard-working family which led to her being disconnected from her body. 

– Early conditioning made her unable to identify with her femininity.  

Embracing the confusion.

– Reconnecting with sensitivity and sensuality. 

– Acknowledging our wide spectrum of sensations and creating harmony in our emotions. 

Empowerment techniques.

– Embracing emotions and energy as starting points. 

– Trusting the energy to lead.



Pleasure Rising Questions:

Her favourite sex toy is: PelviWand, an S-shaped medical-grade wand for pelvic floor exercise which has huge range of mobility. 

She is listening to: The Chain by Kerala Dust.  

She is reading: Deeper Dating by Ken Page, a book about embracing our core deprivation as well as our core gifts.


About Jenna

Feminine Embodiment Coach & Founder of the School of Embodied Arts, Jenna Ward lives between Australia’s Sunshine Coast & Europe. As an ex-pharmacist turned embodied woman Jenna intimately understand what it’s like to live life feeling dis-connected & dis-embodied. Through her own personal experience & guiding hundreds of women back into their body, Jenna equally knows what’s required to get out of your head, feel empowered by your emotions & claiming your sensual power.

Together with an international community of women, the School of Embodied Arts is redefining what it means to be fueled by the feminine. To find out more about Jenna’s work and the magic of embodiment visit



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035 – Leaning into your body after disappointment and hurt with Jenna Ward

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